Education website template for professional tutors and teachers

As a professional teacher you probably already know, that one of the keys to success in teaching is presenting your material in an attractive, easily memorable way. After all, success of your students is your success because after passed exams from the material taught by you, they opinion may influence others to take lessons with you and gain you respect would you work in a public institution. To aid your educational mission, Cincopa offers a great education website template.

First step toward a great educational tool should be establishing a photo gallery for education site. This will be the basic tool for any presentations done by you and may also serve an advertising purpose. With Cincopa this task is easier than ever, since the development team took care to make the offered solution as easy and intuitive as possible. Our philosophy was to take as much technicalities from the end user as possible, to let them, and you, focus on the content and not frustrating and repetitive tasks. You just have to add your photos, graphs and other images to your Cincopa account, where they will be automatically resized to fit your requirements. With our solution you can make your content private, giving access to it to only limited audience, or make it fully accessible to educate the masses. To tie your education related photo galleries together, choose a skin that will fit your content the most and create a simple slideshow code to embed it into your website; the whole process takes only minutes and your basic slideshow is ready to use almost instantly. To make it even more attractive you can add various effects, music and 3D pictures. With Cincopa’s slideshow on education site your success is guaranteed.

Education Image Gallery Example

Yet not all material can be presented by just a photo gallery. Some questions require a longer presentation and a video material to demonstrate a more complicated process. Another advantage is presenting a visually attractive material that will surely intrigue your students and bring them back to your site. Cincopa also allows you to embed video on a website. The process is as easy as in case of photos and slideshows. Just upload your material to Cincopa account, choose a skin to present it and voila, your video is ready to present. Videos are completely scalable and fully customizable with all browsers and mobile devices, to suit your preferences. Your content will be completely private and free of advertisements that would distract your students. What is more, no programming is required to add and use your material via Cincopa account.

Education video gallery example

Whether your site is a semi professional cultural tool to gather interest of young people and serve as a way to interest them in tourism, history or social problems, or is a library of materials required to your lectures, a well organized and looking solution is required. An easy website solution offered by Cincopa is one of the best ways to educate your students, showing them your content and at the same time teaching them the importance of appropriate presentation of information.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.


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