How to add forms and custom messages to your Cincopa videos

In its simplest form, marketing, whether online or otherwise, is an attempt to pitch your product or service to a broader audience. It is a numbers game, i.e. the more people that listen to your proposal, the higher the odds of someone buying something. However, online attention spans are short, and you need to strike the iron while it’s hot. You need to engage the customer as soon as possible, while not forgetting to provide proper incentive(s). The new email Collector feature from Cincopa is able to verify email addresses as soon as the visitor is done browsing and watching your videos. You will be adding a call to action the moment the user’s attention is at its peak; this is a very sound marketing strategy.

When the video is done playing, a pop up will appear with a request to provide some details regarding info email address. In return, the customer can learn more about your service or product. The pop up can direct them to another video with explanations, a different web page, or a demonstration of your features.
Through the new Cincopa feature-Email collector, an email address can be a valuable marketing tool for your online business. These forms can be introduced via URL, static messages or HTML forms. The information learned can aid the developer to understand more about his clientele niche, and develop a stronger sense of community with those interested in the product. When used wisely, this can be a game changing marketing software..

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