10 Best Online Learning Management Systems (LMS) for 2021

A learning management system is a digital resource designed to create, send and manage educational content delivery. LMS can be looked at as a technology aimed at improving learning in terms of productivity, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

Online LMS software is used in many educational institutions to facilitate online courses. These solutions are suitable for academic use because they enable students to access learning materials from anywhere. This post describes the ten best online LMS for 2021.

Modular- Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Moodle)

Moodle LMS provides instructors across various industries and levels with a highly flexible, functional, and digital learning solution using open-source technology. This platform enables users to incorporate third-party plugins and solutions to meet learning goals in various learning aspects.

In addition to Moodle being flexible, it also has superior product and functionality capabilities. It supports learning on the go and offers customized grading rubrics for instructors. Beyond the core functionality of this software, there are free plugins developed by the open-source community.

Moodle is a robust platform with endless possibilities to promote online learning. There is a third-party policy that allows free installation and configuration of the plugins for customers.

The software is backed by a community of developers looking for ways to promote e-learning experiences. Moodle features improved features such as admin experience, advanced user interfaces, user-requested features, and more.


Docebo helps institutions to leverage technology to develop, disseminate content to create good learning experiences. Docebo has a multi-product learning suite that allows enterprises across the globe to be equipped to handle learning challenges. Docebo also enables enterprises to create a good learning culture.

The powerful configuration offered by Docebo lets users create pages customized to their needs using the drag-and-drop functionality to speed up the learning programs. Users can also leverage certifications, free extensions, e-commerce, audit trail, automation, custom domains, and more to configure the LMS appropriately.

Docebo enables users to deliver online courses to different external audiences with one LMS solution that supports all stages of the customer life cycle. They can also build better partner channels and drive product adoption. Decobo supports employee upskilling and reskilling using automated and personalized learning. Businesses can therefore align their needs with those of their learners.


GoSkills, known for its user-friendly and efficient online learning platform, offers a range of courses aimed at enhancing business skills. Its standout features include interactive, bite-sized lessons designed by expert instructors, making it ideal for professionals seeking to upskill. With its intuitive interface and emphasis on practical skills, GoSkills, stands as a top choice for both individuals and corporate teams looking for a flexible and effective LMS solution.


Schoology supports instructional models including all online courses and has created a conducive online learning environment over the years. It ensures that all students access the same quality of learning materials, regardless of their special needs, socio-economic status, or other circumstances.

Schoology is part of PowerSchool that creates a comprehensive and unified classroom solution to furnish instructors with customized learning functionality aimed at improving the learning outcomes. This software advances learning possibilities among parents, students, administrators, and faculties in various K-12 districts.

Regardless of their location, through Schoology, learners can use communication tools to interact with their teachers. Additionally, teachers can collaborate on a common curriculum to deliver engaging and high-quality experiences and to promote access and equity.


Edmodo allows the community from any location to collaborate in learning using all-in-one communication, zoom video conferencing, and collaboration tools. It allows teachers to send messages and classroom materials and ensure that learning is accessible from anywhere. It enables them to save time by integrating classroom tools.

Teachers can engage in life-changing conversations using communication tools such as messages and posts powered by Edmodo. This software supports teachers in the following ways:

  • Organizing resources. ‘Library” lets teachers organize their teaching material into folders. Students can use the cloud-based library to access the materials anytime using any device.
  • Tracking learner progress. Teachers can track the students’ learning progress using a grade book and share the results online.
  • Using small-group features to differentiate instruction. Teachers have an opportunity to create small groups to facilitate differentiated instruction depending on students’ learning abilities.
  • Using “SpotLight” to connect with other educators. The spotlight feature lets teachers connect with other educators globally to find help and support.

Tovuti LMS

Tovuti LMS is a holistic cloud-based learning management system offering tools to support teachers in creating and delivering effective e-learning programs. Teachers can build and deliver interactive and engaging learning experiences faster and conveniently. Tovuti also lets teachers organize and reuse content across various courses and lessons.

They can go beyond quizzes and tests and track virtually all the ways through which learners interact with the course content. Tovuti lets teachers create as many courses as they want by integrating content from an eLearning vendor with their own content.

They can assign courses to learners and enjoy the freedom to structure the course offerings to meet personal style and needs. There is an option for teachers to turn on the learners’ ability to rate lessons and courses and the ability to leave their comments on the e-learning platform.

Blackboard learn

Blackboard Learn is a reliable and scalable foundation that creates exceptional learning experiences. This learning platform is flexible and enables instructors to increase employee engagement, extend online learning and improve learning outcomes.

The instructors can develop and preserve organizational knowledge, retain key employees, and get better results in an engaging learning environment. They can use intuitive features to manage content, foster collaboration, and personalize courses.

Blackboard Learn engages students and relieves instructors of the burden of carrying out repetitive tasks for supporting e-learning. It is easier to teach and learn using streamlined design and time-saving tools.

Teachers can find the flexibility to support their pedagogical approach. Blackboard Learn creates a pedagogy-first mindset to enable the instructors to build courses easily and incorporate the right tools to optimize the user experience and engage students.


TalentLMS is designed to be acceptable to everyone because it enables companies and teams to grow. It offers a fully customizable and easy-to-manage experience, allowing teams to embrace training while they feel at home.

TalentLMS lets teams provide the right training by offering support and expert guidance. An outstanding learning technology that supports TalentLMS is Epignosis. This technology supports the mission of TalentLMS of democratizing training.

The platform puts training materials and tools in one place. TalentLMS also integrates well with other services and apps that instructors use so that training fits in their work-life without interruptions.

Instructors assume total control of their training and offer great learning experiences. With this software, it is easier to build courses, host live sessions, and add quizzes and tests.


Canvas uses open and cloud-based technologies to enable the integration of services, tools, and content needed for learning. It also allows teachers to listen to the users’ needs to roll out the most usable, adaptable, reliable, and customizable learning platform.

This system is used by educators, students, and learning institutions to manage the learning materials and send signals about learning achievement and skill development. It features different customizable course development and management tools and internal communication tools.

Canvas revolutionizes education by making the e-learning participants smarter. It has Instructure that offers the learning object repository, Canvas Commons, and Canvas catalog, all in one system.


D2LBrightspace combines powerful services and tools and the support that instructors need to deliver great teaching and learning experiences. The instructors can save time with this intuitive and mobile-first design that provides a great mobile experience.

D2LBrightspace is adaptable to any mobile device and screen to optimize common tasks. The accessibility features enable students to navigate tools easily using assistive technologies. The built-in templates and intuitive interface makes it easier for educators to design courses, develop content, and grade assignments.

The instructors can keep the students engaged by adding some personality to the course content using video, in-line audio, and other media. D2LBrightspace lets instructors increase engagement using the integrated video capabilities that allow them to use web conferencing, video-based assessments, and embedded feedback. Learners can share their learning experiences using the portfolio tool. Different methods of course delivery can be explored to accommodate the needs of learners.

Mentoring Minds

Mentoring Minds is an Instructional Management Platform developed to inform and support the learning experiences. It is an end-to-end solution that enables students to master content-specific standards and apply the traits of critical thinking.

The ThinkUp curriculum management system in Mentoring Minds is designed to allow students to process and evaluate information, solve problems and make informed decisions. They can also get reasonable solutions to problems, leading to improved performance and standards mastery.

Mentoring Minds also features Reporting and Analytics to create, administer and monitor data from assessments and assignments. The digital platform delivers actionable and immediate data to inform instruction and personalize learning experiences.

Additionally, the Assessment Management meets all the needs of students with Iternatica. Iternatica offers educators a comprehensive assessment solution by allowing them to access standard-based and rigorous items vital for stating learning goals.

Wrapping Up

The above LMSs are useful to educational institutions that need to manage online content and enhance its delivery. The platforms digitize the administrative tasks that may prevent educators from focusing on improving class engagement. Corporate organizations can also use LMS to manage training content by leveraging Corporate Learning Management Systems.


Originally published on May 12th, 2021, updated on February 27th, 2024
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10 Best Online Learning Management Systems (LMS) for 2021

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