10 Reasons to Create Your Own Video Tube – YouTube is not fit for Corporate videos

There are a number of reasons why YouTube is not a good fit for content publishers and it is best to create your own video tube or personal video channel.

Create you own videotube to imporve organization revenue and video response

Many content publishers turn to YouTube because it is free to use but they don’t consider what they have to give up in exchange for using a free video platform. 

Problems with using free video platforms like YouTube

YouTube can restrict your right to publish and monetize your video content, has few branding and advertising options, and offers limited customer support, video analytics and video security options.

YouTube can do what it wants to do with your videos as soon as you upload them to the platform. Content publishers can’t remove the YouTube logo and insert your own brand of your organization.

You have no control over what YouTube recommends to viewers which can distract them from going to your website. 

It is better to host and share videos in other ways, such as using private video hosting platforms rather than using YouTube. You can create your own video channel or video tube to give you the control you need over the videos. 

Why is creating your own video tube or video channel important?

Build a customizable video tube for your enterprise for a sleek private video channel on your website

If you want to create public and private video channels as per your needs, you need to use a private video hosting solution to create a customizable VideoTube.

Private video hosting platforms allow you to create your own channels giving you full control over your videos.

You can decide how to organize, store, share and monetize them on the video tube.

You can use advanced video analytics to see how your video campaigns perform and have access to advanced privacy and security options with a customizable VideoTube from a video hosting solution.

Customizing your videos and website can draw attention to your brand, therefore, building a private video channel or brandable videotube is the best way to go.

10 Reasons to create your own VideoTube

  1. Have your own home page white label
  2. Manage Users
  3. Personalize your video branding
  4. Manage your own video ads
  5. Subscription Page
  6. History Page
  7. Benefit of creating your own playlist
  8. Channel Page
  9. Video Page – Live streaming, Video-On-Demand (VOD) or Linear TV
  10. Interact with your audience
Growth of VOD on all devices has led to a need for enterprises to have a private OTT and live streaming channel
1. Have your own white label home page with VideoTube

A white label solution is fully integrated and ready to brand so you can meet your customer needs with minimal cost and time. With your own white label home page, you can optimize your brand exposure and direct viewers to your website from wherever they watch your videos. 

A white label solution can help you to reach your company goals more efficiently because you can add custom URLs to your multimedia that turn it into a powerful traffic source for your website.

You can embed your videos on any web page just by copying and pasting the code. The SEO tags in the embed code make sure your videos can be found in the search results. 

When your video channel integrates with all your other apps and tools, it enhances your productivity and makes your marketing campaigns more effective. For example, you can add custom email collection forms to your videos. When active, all the videos on your video channel are gated and once a lead form is submitted, they become ‘ungated’ and available to watch. 

Give your viewers an opportunity to listen to videos in a public place or choose a language they are most comfortable with by adding subtitles and closed captions with video tube.

Allow your videos to serve your business purposes by using calls-to-action and annotation to turn passive viewers into active audiences.

By adding text and a button to your video channel’s header, they are visible to viewers each time your channel loads.

Clean and simple API with open source code allows you to integrate your videos directly into your custom designs.

2. Manage users 

High-end video encryption and video security prevent anyone from downloading your videos without authorization.

Prevent accessing of source codes by enabling Right Click Protection or enable Domain Lock to ensure your videos only appear on specific domains. 

Adding password protection restricts unauthorized users from accessing private videos.

When users have to use separate passwords for each app, this is a real hassle and using SSO (Single sign-on) means users only need one set of credentials to log on once a day which reduces surface attacks. 

You can also set individual levels of access to videos for various users if you have a multi-user account for teamwork where you manage files and publish content collectively.

3. Personalize your video branding 

On your own video tube, you can make use of ready-to-go design solutions that you can fully customize to suit your personal brand and fit in with your website design. This includes design templates that support all media types.

The video templates are responsive, mobile-friendly and look good in all browsers and on all devices. 

By adding your own logos, colors or watermark to your media and video player, you can showcase your brand and you don’t need any coding skills to do this.

You can also customize video player controls and behavior to show or hide playlists, allow auto start, set the volume level, display a native player on mobile devices, and much more. 

You can choose how viewers see your video channel. With a video thumbnail option, a viewer clicks the video and it plays in pop-over configuration. 

4. Manage your own Video Ads 

Using a videotube enables you to take full control over the ads on your website and deal directly with advertisers.

With a custom video solution, you get to manage ad content and publish ads seamlessly. You can display any third-party ads with your videos to monetize your content.

Instead of adverts taking away from viewer experience, they can enhance it. By manually adding ads, such as Google Adsense ads, they will play before or after videos and cannot be skipped by viewers. 

5. Subscription Page

A subscription page on video tube requires users to sign up before they have access to exclusive content and other offers. It makes it easier to stop outsiders from stealing or misusing your content and allows you to make passive income from it and provide value to customers. 

Once you discover how to produce unique content or products that people want, there are no limits to what you can do with your subscription page on the video channel.

A video hosting solution gives you a secure place for your valuable assets as you strategically deliver them to those willing to pay for it. 

6. History Page

A history page provides another way to monitor activity.

It could offer insights on what videos to recommend next to viewers.

Instead of watching videos recommended by YouTube, which drives users to other popular video channels, you can drive them to view videos you want them to watch next and keep users entirely focused on your brand. 

7. The benefit of creating your own playlists

A video playlist is basically a list of video files that can be played back either sequentially or in a different order.

It isn’t only YouTube that gives you the opportunity to make playlists and share them.

Making a playlist is the best way to offer viewers a set of videos following a certain theme. A free hosting platform like YouTube uses video recommendations to drive ad revenue returns.

This can severely affect user experience if you have multiple videos you want to show to users. 

You may have an e-learning course with a specific curriculum, and a playlist on a private videotube allows you to set a specific order and keep viewers on-task without distractions.

Ads and other content can make them click away from your content and never come back. It is very easy to create playlists for your own video channel. 

8. Channel Page 

You can view, edit, organize and analyze all your video assets from any device connected to your video channel page. You can easily copy, duplicate and download content and gain access to quick statistics with a smart digital asset management system. 

Find out who has watched videos and specific user data such as IP addresses, locations, viewing time, engagement, devices and platforms.

Video hosting platforms give access to video heatmaps that show how engagement changes during the viewing process.

With access to advanced video analytics, you can make more informed decisions and improve your videos. 

9. Video Page – Live streaming, video-on-demand or linear TV options 

Private video platforms with a video CMS have live streaming and VOD options.

For content publishers who want to know how to enhance video quality, reliable content delivery networks (CDNs) ensure fast content delivery to users along with the highest quality. This is because widely distributed servers are able to cache content and serve it to viewers from a server closest to them.

Content publishers today must offer live streaming and VOD at the highest quality without buffering or freezing, and all of this is possible with a video tube.

10. Interact with your audience 

A video tube solution offers features such as Like, Chat and Subscriptions to enable you to interact with your audience.

Audience interaction is vital to build trust and relationships. With an active online community commenting on and liking your videos, your brand has more chance of success. 


As you can see, there are multiple reasons why using your own video tube or video channel is an excellent idea if you publish plenty of multimedia content.

VideoTube enables you to easily upload, organize, manage, edit and share video content in a safe, secure manner.

Using Cincopa’s video channels is a great way to create a distraction-free, measurable video space.

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Originally published on August 10th, 2023, updated on September 12th, 2023
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10 Reasons to Create Your Own Video Tube – YouTube is not fit for Corporate videos

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