A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating a Subscription-based Video Channel

Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) is a monetization method you can use on your video channel. You can get viewers of your channel to subscribe and offer webinars, tutorials, courses, and other videos that they can watch on-demand. Whether you’re a marketer, content creator or you’re involved in online education, this guide will give you the knowledge you need to succeed when using video subscriptions.

The rise of subscription-based video channels

The trend for subscription-based video channels is growing. This model allows users to pay a monthly or annual fee to access exclusive video content. 

  • A predictable, stable revenue stream: One of the key benefits is that it allows you to earn a predictable revenue stream. With financial stability, you can plan and invest in producing even higher-quality content that encourages the growth of your video channel
  • Exclusive access to premium content: Your subscribers benefit from premium video content they can’t find elsewhere. Online educators can offer students access to quality on-demand content. In online courses, videos are most effective. They allow students to learn at their own pace as they can pause, skip, re-watch, etc. It also means they can access online education from anywhere at any time. 
  • Flexibility in pricing: You can design subscription plans to suit different user budgets and preferences. Different pricing options allow you to cater to a broader audience and maximize your earning potential. 
  • Valuable subscriber insights: By using the right video hosting platform, you will gain access to analytics that give you insights into your subscribers. You can check out their viewing habits, engagement levels, and preferences. This allows you to make better decisions so you can optimize what you offer them. 

CincoTube: Versatile video platform

Video files are large and hosting them yourself isn’t a good idea, especially if you want to monetize them. Using an advanced video hosting platform allows you to stream quality videos directly from your website without all the problems that you may encounter when you host them yourself. Some of these problems include a lack of storage space, and having to ensure that videos can play across a wide range of devices.

When looking for a video hosting platform, you want to choose one that offers effortless streaming of videos and has monetization capabilities. Cincopa’s CincoTube is a powerful and versatile video platform that offers both.

Why use CincoTube?

CincoTube for enterprise video hosting is like a personalized videotube. You can create secure video channels where users can enjoy watching videos ad-free and without the distraction of video suggestions. You can suggest more of your own videos for them to watch instead. When hosting videos on YouTube, you don’t have full control over your video assets and there are limited customization options.

  • Customization options: CincoTube provides many different customization options. For instance, you can customize the video player with your logo, brand fonts, and colors. Customizable templates allow you to create media galleries. You can include CTA’s, lead generation forms, video chaptering, closed captions, and other on-video features in your videos for more engagement.
  • Multiple access-restricted channels: A major benefit of CincoTube is that you can create multiple access-restricted channels for monetization. For example, in online education, you can limit the resources to which students’ subscription plans give them access with different permission settings.
  • Security: Using YouTube for video hosting doesn’t offer the type of security you need when using a subscription-based model. When using CincoTube, you have access to advanced security measures such as encryption, domain restriction, watermarks, and single sign-on. This helps to protect your monetized videos from piracy and theft.
  • Stripe integration: Subscribers can use Stripe for seamless payment of their subscription fees. You can easily manage your subscriptions directly from your CincoTube account.
  • Advanced analytics: Advanced analytics, such as heat maps, give you insight into how your monetized videos are performing. You can make improvements based on your insights into subscriber behavior.
  • Setting up your own subscription-based video channel

Identify your target audience: If you want to set up your own subscription-based video channel, you will need to identify the demographics, interests, and preferences of your target audience. This enables you to produce videos that resonate with them.  

Create high-quality video content: You will need high-quality video content so consumers feel it’s worth paying for access. Your videos may include various different types to keep subscribers engaged, such as interviews, documentaries, tutorials, and behind-the-scenes footage. You need to give subscribers access to a constant flow of video content to retain them. 

Set up your own subscription-based video channel on CincoTube: 

  • Sign up for a free CincoTube account. 
  • Upload a profile/company image.
  • Create your first channel.
  • Upload videos to the channel. It is easy to upload bulk videos and organize them with categories, tags, and playlists. You can also add new videos at any time. 
  • Clicking the gear icon next to the channel name allows you to access settings. Here you can click Privacy, Users, and Groups to manage user access. 

Integrating with Stripe allows you to show your subscription tiers on your CincoTube site. Viewers can start a free trial, subscribe to a preferred plan, or purchase access to pay-to-view content. Pay-to-view can work for both single videos and a video collection. 

You must have an account with CincoTube and Stripe. 

  • In your Stripe account, you will go to Developers > API keys. 
  • Copy the key by clicking on the token. 
  • Go to Settings > Backend Stuff > Stripe on CincoTube.
  • Paste the token into the box beside the Stripe API key and click Save.

CincoTube gives you detailed instructions on how to create products and prices on Stripe and how to create products on CincoTube. After you’ve completed the instructions, you will see a popup window of your products and pricing plans in Account>Pricing.

When you add the user group with the pricing plan to which you want to grant channel access, subscribers are automatically added to that workspace. You can set expiration dates for each subscriber.

Customizing your channel

A customizable video player: Every element from the buttons to the colors and fonts should promote your brand image. This contributes towards more visibility and helps you to build an engaged online community. 

Customizable search options: Adding new videos on a regular basis and organizing them to optimize the subscriber experience will also create a stronger brand experience. 

Customizable templates and video galleries: You can make it easy for subscribers to find what they want by customizing templates and creating video galleries. If you create a playlist of videos to watch consecutively you can increase immersion.

Marketing and promoting your channel 

There are many ways to promote your video channel. Offering free content to viewers can provide an easy entry point to the subscription model. 

Organic content marketing, influencer campaigns, and paid advertising provide other ways to lead visitors to your video channel by clicking a link. It is important to use the type of marketing that makes the most sense for your audience. 

A rewards program can incentivize subscribers to make referrals to family or friends. You can provide access to hidden content, exclusive events, or promo codes as rewards.  

How to Get Started with CincoTube 

Booking a demo with the team can help you find out exactly what CincoTube can do for you and how you can get the most out of your subscription-based video content. You can also visit CincoTube at www.cincoTube.com to find out more.


Having your own subscription-based video channel allows you to earn stable revenue and provide access to exclusive video content. You can keep your video content secure with access permissions and other security measures. Flexible pricing plans help you to maximize your earning potential and you can gain insights from analytics to enhance what you offer to subscribers.

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Originally published on April 17th, 2024
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A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating a Subscription-based Video Channel

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