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3 Tips to Make Your Video Marketing Easy

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The business world is going crazy. Everyone is talking about it. Everyone wants to try it. And those who do, achieve immense success.

What are we talking about? Video marketing, of course. Apparently, using videos to advertise can bring a business a 54% increase in brand awareness and 73% of the customers have reported buying a product after seeing a marketing video of it.

But video marketing can be quite daunting. There are a lot of issues involved, including video production, promotions, and even script writing. This makes marketers search for the ways to make video marketing easier and still keep it engaging.

When doing video marketing, there are a lot of things you need to remember and make sure that you’re not missing out on anything. To help you keep everything in mind, we’ve got NUMBER of tips to make your video marketing easy.


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  1. Connect the Topic to your Brand

The topic of your marketing videos should represent the key values of your brand. Just look at the way Nike has gone further with their “Just do it” slogan. With their latest marketing video “Dream Crazy” they inspire the athletes not to be afraid of their crazy dreams and just do it.

Nike’s latest video is a great example of how the topic of your marketing video should look like. But there are actually some steps you need to follow before you come up with a topic for your next marketing video:

  • Identify a problem you want to unveil in your video. In Nike’s example, they see a problem of people with a lot of potential, who still doubt their abilities as they think that their dreams are too crazy. Thus, Nike is trying to empower them not to give up on their dreams, even the craziest ones. This is what you should do. Identify what problems your target audience may deal with and put a solution of it in the title of a video.
  • Do your research. Before you start developing a topic for your marketing video, do some research steps, like keyword search, market research via market research tools and competitive analysis. This will help you identify what’s popular on the market.
  • Make a survey. By surveying your audience, you’ll be able to identify the key trends to build your marketing video around. You can hire a team to help you compile a survey, but Chelsea Ann Dowdell, a content manager from RewardedEssays, recommends doing a survey yourself: “It will help you better understand your audience and connect their needs with what you market in your videos.”

  1. Polish your Script

A script is the foundation of your marketing video – the stronger it is, the more successful your marketing video will get. Unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurs underestimate the scripts, thinking of them as more of a draft or a rough copy of what the video will be.

But there are a lot of things to keep in mind, as the script is the blueprint and the guide you will follow during the video production process. And what you should definitely pay attention first, is how correct your script is, including, whether it’s well edited and proofread. Now, editing and proofreading both are very overwhelming tasks, but there are some tools that can make them easier:

  • IsAccurate: if you’re working with an international market, it’s absolutely vital to do a translation of your script. This tool will help you choose the translation service that fits your needs and that will do the translation, editing, and proofreading for you.
  • GetGoodGrade: cooperate with professional writers to help you edit and proofread your script. They will also help you make sure that the message you want to deliver is represented accurately and appropriately in the script.
  • EssaySupply: this is an online community of professional writers, who also have a vast experience in creating and working with scripts. So if you need a professional point of view regarding your script, this tool is absolutely vital for you.
  • RatedByStudents: this tool is a collection of various resources, among which you’ll find some great proofreading tools designed specifically for the scripts.
  • HotEssayService: this tool is one of the most versatile sources for proofreading, designed for those who need to do speedy editing and proofreading of a script.

  1. Personalize your Videos

Personalization is some of the most blossoming trends in today’s marketing world. Why is personalization so popular?

  • creates valuable positive customer experience;
  • boosts conversion rates;
  • is a great tool for strategic email marketing;
  • greatly contributes to customer retention, etc.

Personalization is a great way to build brand awareness and create a positive customer experience, which is essential for the success of the business. But how can you use personalization to impress your audience?

1) Address the viewers by pointing out that the topic of the video is their deepest concern. Again, like with Nike’s video we mentioned earlier, they want to attract the attention of those who underestimate themselves and their dreams. They use a pronoun “you” a lot to highlight that the message concerns their viewers directly.

2) Show them that you understand the source of their issues, problems, thoughts, etc. Tell a story that is similar to what your viewers experience on a day-to-day basis. This will show that it’s also your concern, too.

3) Offer a solution. Address every single viewer, offering a solution, something that is valuable enough to help them, and how your company is able to help them get what they want.

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“Personalization is a great trigger of attention”, says Luisa Brenton a writer from TopWritersReview, who specializes in video marketing scripts. “The more you show that you understand your audience, the better their response will be.”

Thus, if you want to make your video marketing easy, pay special attention to personalization. Personalized marketing videos are the guarantee that your interaction with the viewers will be successful.

Video marketing is Worth Trying!

Video marketing is definitely worth investing. And once you try it out, you’ll see how much benefits it brings along. Don’t fear the issues that might appear during the video production process, as you’ll get some pretty amazing results. Hopefully, the tips we provided in this article will help you make your video marketing easy and effortless.


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Originally published on February 7th, 2021, updated on April 30th, 2024
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3 Tips to Make Your Video Marketing Easy

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