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When tackling the challenge of both retaining and challenging customers, you need to approach the whole problem with a plan. Over the years, there have been no less than a million different schemes that have tried to overcome the obstacles along the way. Customer engagement is at an all-time high, but there are still holes to be filled by the apparent lack of efficiency. Only recently have we entertained the thought of videos as a marketing tool.

Video content has skyrocketed in terms of popularity, but there are still facets of it that remain relatively unexplored. One such aspect is the beautiful practice of personalized videos. In a move that aims to unify the customer body in both attraction and entertainment, customized videos have proven to be the next big thing. They don’t only focus on content, but some crucial parts of the human mind’s modus operandi. We’re going to focus on the way personalized video functions and how can you take advantage of it.

Personalization and video – a match made in heaven

Video engagement is a profitable and efficient way of engaging with your customers. Not only are animation and motion the perfect means to memorize something, but they are also engaging. There is a higher chance that you will remember something uninteresting in video form than in textual or merely audio form. Our brains are hardwired to comprehend information on the principle of priority – the data that is the easiest to remember gets remembered first.

Introductory video frame - about the company

With that in mind, we can approach the principle of personalization with sufficient preparation. What is customization anyway? It was the notion of having something tailor-made for you and aimed mainly at you. Why are we fascinated with having personalized things? It all boils down to our ego and love of control. When something is ours, and when we were directly involved in its creation, we feel in control.

How do personalization and video work together? Well, for instance, personalization is an excellent way of retaining loyal customers and attracting new ones. Another method of application is the “softening” of information overload. An overabundance of information will get received with a better reaction due to the use of personalized elements. Let’s take a look at how can your business benefit from this practice?

personalization that can fit anyone on the globe

Appealing to the customer in more ways than one

Let’s start from the beginning. What videos can you use in this personalization process? There are two options – a video you’ve already created before, or a whole new series of content. Of course, the differences in the approach are evident, but both personalization targets can be modified in the same way. An older video requires elongation, whereas a new one can be customized in many more ways.

How to get the data needed? You can pull the necessary info from your marketing automation platform or CRM. You can access the data manually or pull it automatically and have the platform place it into parts of the video that have been designated for personalization tokens. It’s a simple method that allows you to create thousands of videos in a matter of minutes.

get data through video

How to get extra data? There are so many things you can do with a simple email address. You can have their name, LinkedIn profile, and pictures at your disposal. All this information is readily available to everyone so that you won’t come off as intrusive. Your customers will feel flattered by the lengths you’ve gone to approach them in a personal and non-artificial way. It’s something that everyone views in a positive light.

Video options – engagement in more ways than one

After you’ve done assembling your data, it’s time to think about the actual content of the video. Apparently, as far video content goes, there is a myriad of viable options, but some are indeed more effective than others. When the customer has his eyes peeled for the video player, there are many messages you can send out using the personalization method.

This all depends on the type of marketing approach you use – aggressive or methodical. Also, the kind of product and industry also play a big part in the choice of your personalized business videos. We won’t delve into the depths of each sector, but we will analyze several methods of personalization integration.

  • Introductory videos. This is a great way to start a business relationship. A direct approach in an up close and personal way can go a long way in establishing the trust of a customer. Personalized introductory videos are also the easiest ones to make, as they are short and only serve as a starting point for future cooperation.
  • Introductory call-to-action videos. These are slightly different from the previous kind, due to the addition of a personalized call to action. After a shorter introduction, the notion of personalization is supposed to allow the customer to engage with more of your content and all for a conversion to be made.
  • Promotional videos. When you’re offering a discount, or you’re organizing a sale, a promotional video with added personalization might be the thing you’ve been looking for. It has all the potential of making an interested reader turn into a loyal customer.
  • Update videos. Many marketers use personalized video to inform their customers and readers about news, innovations and impending changes. As such, these videos can create much more interest than regular blank videos that are being promoted. With the use of personalization, any change or addition to your brand will be welcomed with open arms.

A worthy operational practice

To truly immerse yourself in the field of customer retention, video engagement and personalization have to be a mix that you use all the time. It’s gaining more traction by the day, and several studies and experiments prove the strength of appeal through personal information. One quote from Tamara Gruzbarg, an expert on analytics and research sums the significance of personalized video perfectly:

“True personalization of customer experience will stop being reserved for a select few and will need to become an operational principle for any marketer who wants to remain relevant in an increasingly fragmented and regulated environment.”

a call to marketers to advance to video

Why does personalization mean so much to us, anyway? Most experts would say that the reasons for this stem all the way back to the industrial revolution and the notion of “customer depersonalization.” With an increased effort invested in overall marketing, people have started feeling more and more like cattle that are just waiting to be slaughtered. As a result of this, we seem delighted when someone approaches us in a personal and immediate way.

Moderation is the key

As a final word, we would like to urge you not to make the mistake of overdoing the personalization process. When you start excessively adding personal information to your videos, you lose severity points, as well as risking sounding a little creepy.

Like any marketing tool, personalized videos are best utilized in a moderate quantity, without the pressure of having this as your only tool. Once every few weeks would be a good usage measure, just to be safe and to maintain different levels of approach.


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Personalized Video – Next Generation Video Engagement

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