5 Ways to Increase Engagement With Video on Landing Pages

An effective landing page is one of the best ways to capture attention and increase conversions today and using video on landing pages does this best.

Landing Page conversions are increased with videos added to the page

Landing pages need to be well planned and designed with a purpose.

Landing pages are usually standalone pages, distinct from a homepage that serve a single, focused purpose of increasing conversions or increasing engagement or both.

Why you need video on your landing pages

Website code to create a landing page with video

Creating landing pages is a key element of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

A landing page is a specific webpage visitors ‘land on’ when they click on a CTA link in an email, on a social media platform or on search engines. 

Using relevant videos on a landing page is a compelling way to boost audience engagement and conversion rates.

Adding video to a landing page can increase conversion by 86%.

According to Animoto, 64% of customers say watching a video makes them more likely to buy a product. Videos allows a brand to convey ideas in ways that images and text can’t and help to persuade audiences to take action. 

In short, videos on your landing page capture attention, educate prospective customers, increase conversions and offer you analytics about what’s working and what’s not.

Targeting and testing a video landing page can further boost conversions.

Different ways to use video on a landing page

On a landing page, Videos may be the centerpiece of a landing page or work together with content copy and images to win consumers over.

You should use videos to directly support what you’re offering on a landing page. 

A hero landing page video is a video that replaces the image at the top of the landing page and features as the main visual above the fold.

A supporting video usually supports a particular selling point and is found lower on the page. 

A background landing page video can draw attention to a headline, piece of text, a form or a button. If your brand demands some visual flair, a video background may be appropriate. 

A lightbox landing page video opens a lightbox popup that plays after a viewer clicks a thumbnail, link or button.

Who needs landing pages?

Create a video landing page with an account site builder

Sales teams, customer support teams and marketing teams all benefit from using landing pages with different purposes to support different stages of the customer journey.

Landing pages are used most by marketers in the middle of the funnel when customers are already evaluating offerings of different products and are moving towards conversion.

The request for information on a landing page and the reward a customer gains in return for visiting a landing page should be well balanced to encourage visitors to take the next step.

Videos for sales pages are used right at the bottom of the funnel and need to convince people to buy. Sales landing pages require a complete understanding of what consumers need and clearly demonstrate the value of products or services to persuade them.

Create dedicated landing pages to deliver a powerful message to the right audience

If you put multiple offers on your landing page, you can reduce conversions on the page as this messaging confuses viewers and pushes them away from the landing page.

When you implement video carelessly on a landing page, it can drastically increase the load time of a landing pages. Reducing loading time of a page is extremely important from a lead conversion prospective.

If you have even a one-second delay in the loading speed of a landing page, it can reduce conversions.

A two-second delay can increase bounce rates by 103%. 

It is also important to make sure videos are optimized for mobile on a landing page as mobile devices generate over half of all website traffic today. 

As a best practice for a landing page, videos should not be on autoplay. Autoplay video on a landing page causes increase in bounce rate while also take up more bandwidth, therefore, increase delay in the loading speed of a landing page.

Here are steps on to create a dedicated landing page – 

  • Determine the purpose of your landing page

What you’re trying to achieve with your landing page will play a role in how you use videos and what content you will include.

If you’re selling a physical product, you will use a different approach than if you’re creating an event registration page to drive attendance. 

  • Align your video content with your offer 

If your product is something new, unfamiliar, or complex, then an explainer video is a great choice.

A 90-second explainer video on your landing page tells your visitors what they need to know in a short, digestible format. You can make your pitch and show off your brand without making people read a whole lot of text.

If you want to go beyond what your product is to what it does, a demo video is a good idea. You can demonstrate the value of your product by showing how it works. 

A promo video is like a teaser that gives viewers a taste of what they can expect if they complete your form. This works well on a lead capture page focused on a content-based offer. 

Testimonial videos offer the power of social proof and give a personal touch that written testimonials do not have. This increases the credibility of your offer as someone other than you is talking about the value they received from your product or service.

  • Use a video landing page creator 

Once you’ve decided what videos to use and where they will go, you can use a video landing page creator that allows you to include all the elements you intend to use so they can work together to drive conversions.

Landing pages builders will give you the option of including videos on your pages. 

A popular option is to build a WordPress video landing page, but there are many other options too and you have to find out what will work best for your needs.

To embed video on your landing page created with Cincopa account site, you have to simply add the embed code to the landing page.

When selecting video landing page software, think about how it will integrate with your video hosting platform, as this will affect the smoothness with which you can embed video. 

  • Tips when building your landing page

Longer landing pages can generate 220% more leads than ones with a CTA above the fold.

Make sure your landing page has a headline, text, and supporting points, as well as videos and a CTA. 

Optimizing your videos for search can boost the overall rank of your page.

Search engines can’t watch your videos, so you need to offer them information that tells them what they are about. Some of the biggest video SEO elements include video captions, transcripts, and metadata.

Other on-page elements that give your landing page the best chance of ranking include keywords in headlines, subheaders, title tags, etc. 

  • Significance of a squeeze landing page to generate leads 

A squeeze page is a another type of landing page.

Unlike a lead generation page, a squeeze landing page only goal is to collect email addresses to add potential leads to an email list.

It is generally used near the top of the sales funnel and you “squeeze” visitors to provide their email addresses by restricting access in some way, such as gating valuable content. 

Squeeze pages are often quite short, but they include a headline that shows what benefits the gated information will provide, supporting information for visitors to make a decision and an embedded form that includes a field for a name and an email address so visitors can take action without leaving the page.

Differences between video hosting landing pages (Account Site) and 3rd party landing pages platform

video assets need to be uploaded and managed on a video solutions platform with robust cybersecurity

You can choose to use a 3rd party landing pages platform or a video hosting service to create landing pages.

Your landing page choice will impact the playback experience.

Free, social-based options like YouTube have various distractions that can prevent viewers from converting, such as other videos awaiting their attention that don’t belong to you. 

For full control over your landing pages and the videos on them, you should use a video hosting platform to create a landing page.

With a professional video hosting platform you will have access to high-level video security and privacy options, advanced video analytics, and many other features that increase your ability to use your video assets effectively. 

5 ways to increase engagement and reduce bounce rate with video on your landing page 

SEO optimize landing page with video seo

There are several ways to increase engagement on your landing page, including using various features, CTA types, personalization etc. Let’s go through some of them –

1. On video features 

On-video features are a great way to customize and personalize videos on your landing pages. Video features help in creating a customized journey for a user visiting a video landing page.

A call-to-action (CTA) helps to drive action not only through video content but when the video ends. It should be easy to add interactive CTA’s directly into videos, whether they encourage signing up for a newsletter, downloading a content offer etc. 

Adding annotations to a video can further enhance audience engagement without interrupting the video.

Making video content accessible to viewers globally by adding subtitles and closed captioning in different languages.

Dividing videos into video chapters enables viewers to easily access the content they want most.

2. Dedicated page with multiple CTA types

Visitors should get all the information they need to make a decision on your landing page and videos should enhance their experience on a landing page.

Multiple CTA types are necessary because what appeals to one person may not appeal to another. 

Because text and video work together on a landing page, think about calling out the video in your copy by saying, “watch this short demo”.

It is important to test what works and what doesn’t, such as where you place videos on a page, your video length, type of video etc., and the type of CTAs you use.

Landing pages aren’t strictly landing pages without lead capture forms. Lead capture forms should be in readily accessible spots so visitors can easily find them. 

3. White list viewers

Add an IP whitelist so you can restrict playback of videos to viewers on specific IP addresses for your landing pages.

Many businesses do this to ensure that only employees connected to a VPN or company network can access and watch internal videos that contain sensitive company information. 

4. CNAME feature (canonical name)

A CNAME domain feature means you can maintain brand unity for your users.

Sometimes more than one domain name creates a domain name and website authority problem.

This is where a CNAME is useful. When you have several subdomains and you want these subdomains to point to your main domain name, you can create an alias or a CNAME. 

5. Build personalized landing pages 

Depending on how visitors will arrive at your page, you might consider using personalized videos to pull them in. You can also personalize your landing pages according to the audience needs.

This kind of personalized landing pages will increase your brand recognition and conversions and you can do this in many ways, such as using your brand colors, logo and adding brand statements. 

Using ready-to-go design solutions for your landing pages with different color palettes, full customization, and advanced marketing features makes it easier to build a personalized landing page.

For example, you can add custom email collection forms to your videos and choose where you’d like them to appear. 

Create dedicated video landing pages with Cincopa Account Site

Cincopa Media Inc. Brand Logo

Cincopa allows you to create fully responsive, highly customizable web pages.

Responsive design means your landing page will adapt easily to different viewing experiences and can function on various screens. 

You can run your own multimedia channel publishing multiple galleries and manage subscriber/viewer access. Creating a CNAME URL pointing to a domain that is unique to your brand, team or department is extremely easy to build on Cincopa account site.

Here are the distinct features of Cincopa account site (video landing page builder) –

  • Restrict access

There are various ways to manage access restriction, such as offering subscribers specific gated content, managing your audience with email ids, using domain lock and password protection. 

  • Customize your account site page with your brand identity 

You can customize your account site page in many different ways, such as adding your logo, brand statements and changing the colors to suit your brand.

If you go pro, you can use all the HTML and CSS codes you want to customize your page. 

  • Manage galleries

Choose the videos you want to publish on your Account Site, and create video galleries from as many videos as you would like.

You can model your landing page and content delivery preferences to suit your user funnel and add appropriate CTAs. 


Well-thought-out landing pages with a specific purpose are enhanced by using videos and will capture more attention and more leads.

By utilizing the above suggestions, your business can start to develop more leads in no time.

Keep in mind that tracking your conversion rates is vital if you want to continue to enjoy success.


Originally published on October 28th, 2021, updated on December 14th, 2023
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5 Ways to Increase Engagement With Video on Landing Pages

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