Cincopa Galleries with Webydo: Win-Win situation

The first step towards a successful business is a clean, responsive website. And when you can built it yourself without going over budget, that’s heaven. With Webydo you can upload your Cincopa galleries and create a website to be proud of.

Webydo is a professional website design platform that empowers graphic and web designers, but not only, to create and manage pixel-perfect websites for their clients. You can create and manage exceptional looking websites, without having to write a line of code. Using this sophisticated, yet easy-to-use online software, you can bring to life any website design you have in mind. With a simple click, you can publish an advanced HTML website with a friendly built-in CMS. In the same way, you can upload your Cincopa galleries with Webydo with just a few steps.

Design freely without code

Choose an unique custom design, completely code-free. You have 3 main options: Design (Start with an inspiration), Layout (Start with a structure) or Blank (Start from scratch). Let’s say you choose first option – here you will have plenty of designs that can suit your business.


Manage content easily

After the website was created, the next step is to start managing your assets and to upload your Cincopa galleries. You can easily manage all versions of your site from one dashboard by creating breakpoints for different screens and devices. Hide or add design elements and adapt typography and navigation to create a perfect mobile experience for all your sites’ visitors.



Use drag-and-drop control to easily upload elements such as: shapes, images, texts, videos, flash, galleries, forms, widgets and menus. Embed your Cincopa gallery and place the HTML code with the help on a simple widget.

embed gallery


Webydo will automatically optimize all your assets for best performance. Bring any web design to life with pixel-by-pixel accuracy, independently. Webydo will automatically convert your design into an updated HTML code + CMS .


Publish independently

When you finish designing your site, press Publish and the site will be live immediately on Webydo’s sub-domain. You can use this temporary site for testing and to share with your clients for review.

publish it

 That’s all, folks! Now it’s your turn to try!

Originally published on May 26th, 2015, updated on March 17th, 2019
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Cincopa Galleries with Webydo: Win-Win situation

by Nicoleta Halaciuga time to read: 1 min