How Cincopa is Innovating to Stay Ahead of the Game

Cincopa is a leading multimedia platform that provides businesses with easy-to-use solutions. It enables users to publish, manage, distribute, and host content. Businesses can make effective and safe use of video assets both internally and externally by using a private video hosting platform. Video is becoming a vital part of recruiting, employing, and training employees in many businesses. It is also increasingly a way for marketers to connect with audiences. They appreciate the content engagement that video provides. 

Continuous improvement

Cincopa stays ahead in a highly competitive market through continuous improvement and innovation to address new trends and technologies. It is always improving its multimedia platform with new features and solutions to meet the changing needs of customers. It enhances their experience by enabling better communication, more productivity, and seamless sharing of information on a large scale.   

  • Zoom integration allows businesses to retain all their web meetings, webinar recordings, and conferences. This means colleagues that couldn’t attend can catch up on what they missed. As more and more recordings pile up, efficient content management at scale becomes vital.

Cincopa allows team members to share Zoom recordings easily and intuitively. Through the integration, any Zoom meeting is automatically updated to the Cincopa platform. Users can take Zoom recordings and add elements such as closed captioning, chapters, and annotations to help with content engagement. 

With storage as video-on-demand on the Cincopa platform, businesses can control who views each recording.

This adds another layer of security to the login process. It is particularly useful for businesses that handle sensitive information. It helps them to protect their intellectual property and ensure that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive content.   

  • Multiple audio tracks: This innovation allows users to add multiple audio tracks to videos. This is useful for content creators, marketers, and online course providers. They can make video content more accessible to audiences across the world by adding multiple languages to videos or voice-overs. Users can download audio track transcripts in multiple languages.
  • No need for multiple logins: Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication process that manages the ability of the user to access various cloud-based applications with a single set of login credentials. It eliminates the need to remember and update various usernames and passwords so it offers more security. Cincopa’s new Azure SSO integration is an innovation that allows users to use Microsoft Azure credentials to sign into the Cincopa video hosting platform. This streamlines the login process and enhances security. 
  • “Invite to upload”: This innovation allows users to invite outside collaborators or those who do not have Cincopa accounts to upload videos, images, or audio podcasts. An expiration link ensures they only have access for a limited time period. This feature is really useful for businesses that work with outside contributors. It prevents having to send files back and forth via email. It streamlines the collaboration process and ensures everyone has access to the latest versions of files.

Seamless Integration 

Cincopa’s multimedia platform offers an integrated experience with other platforms such as popular CMS platforms, email marketing platforms, etc. An integrated experience allows for the seamless sharing of multimedia assets. When all the software businesses use works together seamlessly, productivity increases. Teams have secure access to the same content in whatever system they use. This helps with content alignment across channels and teams.    

Share multimedia content across many channels: Integration makes it easier for businesses to share multimedia content across many different channels. They can embed videos on their websites or on an LMS or CMS. To do this they use Cincopa’s Responsive Frame and HTML5 video embed features.    

Integrate with trusted partners: Cincopa integrates with many trusted partners, such as HubSpot. The integration with HubSpot means businesses can use video to capture leads. They can score, segment, and nurture prospects in HubSpot and then assign qualified leads to sales teams. Another trusted partner is MailChimp which offers similar benefits to HubSpot. Integration is also offered with other trusted and widely used platforms such as Salesforce, Zapier, Slack, and Zendesk.   

Make use of multiple accounts and switch easily between them: This gives businesses the ability to create accounts per department. Content management for each department is easier and safer. Users can switch between the accounts they create with two clicks of a button which allows for seamless sharing. They can manage who has access to which account to keep personal data and records safe. It is possible to connect all accounts to a master account for successful overall content management. 

CincoTube is one of Cincopa’s innovative content management solutions. Centralizing digital assets on CincoTube offers easy access, security, brand consistency, and more productivity. CincoTube offers content engagement through features like the ability to like, comment on, and share videos. Users can create public or private channels and control who they share with, how they share, and who they invite. Managers can set different permissions and access levels. 

Using CincoTube offers businesses many benefits, including customization options and better security. It is designed for business purposes and facilitates the delivery of both video-on-demand and live video in safe and secure ways. Sharing certain digital assets internally in private channels means there are no concerns over the leaking to the general public.

Customization of video tube is easy. Businesses can add their own logos, colors and choose settings that offer the best customer experiences.   

Advanced Analytics 

Cincopa’s advanced analytics allow businesses to understand their video audiences down to the individual viewer. Video hosting through Cincopa enables them to measure KPIs and audience engagement. 

  • Heatmaps: These help businesses identify what lies behind view counts. How do specific users engage? Where do drop-offs happen? 

Seeing how an audience interacts with videos is the key to successful marketing. The insights businesses gain from analytics is the only way they can figure out how to improve the engagement and effectiveness of their content.

Case study: ICM is a business in the field of cyber security and has been a customer of the Cincopa video hosting platform since 2018. The business relies heavily on video content to educate its customer base. Using Cincopa’s advanced analytics enables it to gain deep insights into how well specific videos perform with different audience segments. By improving videos from these insights ICM was able to significantly increase its leads and upsells.    

Security and Data Privacy 

Security and data privacy have become a top priority in a digital world. Compliance with strict data privacy laws is essential. It’s very important for businesses to have fast, reliable ways to secure sensitive content. Cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to circumvent security measures. 

Multiple levels of security: Cincopa is heavily invested in security and data privacy. Customer data is protected by multiple levels of security, such as SSO, 2FA, and Domain Lock. Continuous improvement to security features are a priority.  

AES encryption: Encryption is a security measure that ensures unauthorized people don’t have access to sensitive content. It prevents unwanted media interception and downloads. Cincopa uses advanced encryption standard (AES) to make the platform secure end-to-end. AES is a commonly used encryption technology for video streaming.

Businesses may want to monetize the videos they stream. They can encrypt videos they upload and users have to pay a monthly subscription to access them. In the e-learning industry access to classes may need to be restricted and AES encryption offers this.

Case study:  United to Heal is a Cincopa client that offers online summits and conferences four or five times a year with an itinerary that lasts for 10 days. A typical summit day may involve three or four interviews with leading medical professionals or field experts. Cincopa provides flexible bandwidth at an affordable price for quality streaming. By leveraging Cincopa’s security features, the business can restrict access to its video library by paid subscription. Only when users pay do they receive access to the videos they request.  


Cincopa is a trusted multimedia platform that stays ahead with continuous improvement of its features. Innovative solutions are necessary to keep pace with developing technology and new trends. Businesses can improve content engagement by using Cincopa’s advanced analytics. They can keep sensitive content safe and secure with their robust security measures. A culture of sharing knowledge is also very important today as it helps to foster a shared vision. Cincopa enables an integrated experience and seamless sharing of information for both internal and external purposes.  

Originally published on May 29th, 2023
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How Cincopa is Innovating to Stay Ahead of the Game

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