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How Pangaea Digital Agency Creates Attractive Hotel Websites with HTML Slideshows from Cincopa (Case Study)

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Pangaea is an award-winning digital agency based in the Hague, Netherlands. At Cincopa, we’re happy to be helpful to Pangaea on their strategic mission of providing businesses worldwide with comprehensive web solutions and Internet marketing services. A few of the greatest examples of our cooperation are these beautiful Hotel websites Pangaea created for their clients using Cincopa’s HTML slideshows as a framework allowing to embed rich media galleries to customers’ websites in the most seamless way..


●    Real estate photo slider


Elegant photo slider inspires visitors of the Althoff Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg website to take a virtual tour and have a detailed look inside of its cozy spaces. Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg offers 120 rooms with luxury furnishing, and this beautiful gallery is perfect to let anyone immerse themselves in the atmosphere of comfort and first-class service. The slider creates ideal visualization fully matching the overall design concept. When visitors want to enjoy pictures in the highest resolution, they can expand the slider to full-size view.


The Madison. Hamburg website is another great example of how HTML slideshows by Cincopa help to present hotel interior and exterior in the most effective way. This beautiful slider creates a truly interactive experience for website visitors engaging them with attractive photos of hotel sights and rooms on a single web page.

●    Full-width auto play slider


Finolhu website welcomes it guests with mind-blowing sights from Baa Atoll, Maldives. Full-width auto play photo sliders grab attention starting from the main page and create an unparalleled visual effect in all important sections on the website. What can be better to showcase gorgeous villas and let visitors dive into this tropical paradise?

●    Pinterest-style gallery with rounded thumbs


Finolhu provides even more beautiful photos anyone can enjoy on the Gallery page. A beautiful Pinterest-style gallery shows up in a form of user-friendly thumbnails with rounded corners. Photo details can be viewed by hovering a mouse cursor over a specific thumbnail. The gallery turns into a slideshow with full-sized photos on click.


If you own or manage a hotel website, it can be a great idea to visualize its design with Cincopa’s effectively-looking HTML slideshows and image galleries, just like Pangaea digital agency did for their clients. There’s more: Cincopa has to offer 100+ fully customizable rich media templates able to meet basically all business needs. You can pick up a ready solution to embed any media types to your website: images, videos, slideshows, audios, podcasts. Mix different multimedia files in one gallery to make your website stand out.

With Cincopa, your multimedia content works for various marketing goals at the same time. Use built-in SEO fields to generate more organic traffic from search engines, encourage users to share your content with social media buttons, add calls-to-action and annotations that will increase conversions. Start leveraging the power of multimedia for your online business with Cincopa!

Originally published on March 1st, 2017, updated on March 17th, 2019
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How Pangaea Digital Agency Creates Attractive Hotel Websites with HTML Slideshows from Cincopa (Case Study)

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