How Video Elevates Sales Enablement

Running a business is a high-pressure venture that tests a person’s ability to problem solve, multi-task, and manage others. One area that causes more concern than others is sales and how to increase them. Companies are always looking for new ways to improve sales and drive customers to their business, and one way to do this is with sales enablement. What does sales enablement actually mean, and how can it influence customers? Here are some simple ideas on how video elevates sales enablement.

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What is sales enablement?

If you ask any business owner, they will tell you that sales enablement is considered one of the best ways to drive more customers to buy their products. The strategy is designed to encompass all aspects of sales; from customers experience, staff training, using technology and marketing strategy. The reason sales enablement is so important to businesses, is because a sales study showed that it can increase win rates by an impressive 15%.

Not every company will view sales enablement in the same way. This is because it also depends on wim hat the company and sales team needs and how they implement it into their working processes. However, many of the outcomes are similar in the way they drive to make sales more effective and teach staff how to become more efficient.

Sales enablement has its roots in psychology and counselling, because of the way it trains and teaches staff. This form of sales enablement means you are encouraging and giving staff pep-talks to help them improve and give them confidence. This will then transfer into a more dynamic salesforce and more products being sold.

Although the idea behind sales enablement isn’t new, the ways that it is being implemented has changed to focus on how customers now do their shopping and how they are influenced.

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Leaving traditional sales enablement behind

In the past, companies would develop whitepapers and other high-quality content to engage with their sales reps. However, in today’s society, this approach is now too slow to keep up with the needs of your sales force. It will also cause your marketing department to become swamped and slow down, leading to a less effective marketing outcome.

Because the world of retail is changing so quickly, it means sales reps are always looking for the latest information to use in their work. Writing blog posts or printing manuals not only costs more money, but it also has a shorter lifespan than in previous years. There is also the time factor. Even if the content that is created is high quality, sales reps do not have the time to work through it and read all the information. To overcome this, your business needs a quick and effective way to get the information to your sales force and keep it updated. To achieve this, more companies are exploring other media avenues such as video, to improve communication and cater to the changing way people want to learn.

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Video should be a key component of any sales enablement team

Video is by far the most popular way for people to consume information today. This is why sites like YouTube are now the second most popular website apart from Google. Studies have shown that 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text, and that is where video in sales enablement comes in.

There are many advantages to using video, technology has now made incorporating video content into the workplace much easier, and it also has a greater impact while taking less time to consume. When shared internally with your staff, video doesn’t cause any problems with security, and there are many ways that this can be achieved for those working in an office or from home.

Time is also a big factor, with many sales reps working away from the office and with little time to read through material. Short but informative videos are something that can be consumed quickly and easily, and can convey a lot of information. Written material that would take 10 minutes to read, can be presented in a short one minute video. This not only saves sales reps time, it is also quicker and easier to create by the marketing team.

How Cincopa Online Video Course can help

Technology has made video even more valuable to businesses than ever before. Using Cincopa Online Video Course will allow your business to share information easily and effectively. This is especially important with SaaS sales enablement software platforms that many companies are now using, as they are frequently updated and revised.

One of the big benefits to a system like Cincopa, is that it can be administered by a sales training specialist to sales and marketing teams, and only the videos that the company wants to use can be added. This means that staff don’t have to crawl through countless videos that are of no relevance to them.

Other features are also designed to make the whole experience better. For example, closed captions in the video make it easy for people to watch them, even when they can’t hear the audio. This is especially valuable for those with hearing impairments within your workforce. It means they can have access to the same valuable information, without needing any additional support.

The closed captioning also adds another useful feature to the videos – the ability to search for specific words. The latter can be done using In-video Search. If a sales rep needs to find out about a specific term or product, then they can search for that word and the video will play from that point. This makes finding and consuming the information much easier and a lot faster.

RecTrace can be used to great effect in these cases, because staff can quickly and easily record videos from their webcams and share it across the departments. It means that updates to products and other information can be created quickly and disseminated within a short period of time.

With Cincopa and RecTrace helping you create and share videos to your sales reps and staff, you can boost your sales and create a more effective learning environment.


Originally published on March 18th, 2020, updated on June 25th, 2020
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How Video Elevates Sales Enablement

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