Best Strategies to Get Quality Leads With Video Marketing

Make an impact with your video marketing by following these best strategies.

With the changing video trends in the consumer world, video marketing is becoming a popular strategy brands are using to generate leads. 

Videos are great to engage and get customers to trust a brand and make a purchase. Research shows that 89% of target customers purchase after watching a video.

Source: Wyzowl

The same research shows that 51% of people are more likely to share video content with friends than any other content type. To get the best results with video marketing for lead generation, here are some strategies you can use to capture the target customer’s attention and get them engaged with your brand.

  1. Create short videos

In search of the right solutions to their pains, customers will engage with video content about a brand’s products. Create videos that are short and show prospects the value your brand will offer them.  You can create product demos, and behind-the-scenes videos to show target customers how you build the products that solve their challenges and social media teasers. To make it more personal and interactive, you can add interactive elements like pools, and clickable annotations based on the user’s interests. Through interactive ways, you can collect data and information that will help you run more targeted video campaigns as you generate leads for your brand. Here are some strategies to make your short videos effective.

Source: Cincopa

  1. Create video testimonials

Target customers see the value of your products or services through the reflection of the trust other people have gained. Having great customer testimonials motivates target users to engage and even try out your brand services to get the solutions to their pain points just like other past customers. See this testimonial here

Source: Cincopa

  1. Use compelling CTAs

You don’t want leads to just watch your video clips, but take action that will lead to conversions, right? Well, it is essential to include a compelling CTA for the videos you create. Give your target audience a direction on the next action they need to take once they watch and learn from your videos. Include the call-to-action for the videos in the description part of the video and within the video content. Be clear about what you want the users to do. Do you want them to subscribe to your email newsletter, book a product demo, make a purchase, etc

  1. Video ad retargeting

Sometimes, target customers visit your website but don’t engage and leave the website. Create ads that will target those leads and get them to engage more with your brand. It will be easy to capture their attention by running retargeting ads and providing value targeting their pain points and how your business can solve their pains. Ensure your ads show the value your brand has and how it can help the target audience solve their challenges once they decide to invest and make a purchase from your business.

  1. Run video analytics to know what’s working 

Spy on your competitors, and listen to what target customers are saying on social media platforms. The analytics will give you insights into how the target audience is engaging with brands and the best content they are consuming. You can also learn what target customers are saying about your brand and prepare the video content that will engage them more. 


For example, we analyzed our client ICM videos and optimized them which increased leads by 200% and upsales by 15%. In the same way, with the analysis you know the user behaviors and their preferences after which you create videos that align with their engagement needs. Also, it is essential to optimize your video content for mobile devices as many target users use smartphones in their product or service search.

  1. User emerging trends in video marketing

As the market is changing, so is the way users consume content. Take advantage of the latest trends in video marketing like virtual reality or augmented reality to provide great experiences for your target audience. For example, some brands are now creating videos without sound, using AI tools for videos, or running simplified video production like this.

Source: Switcher

  1. Create compelling and educating videos 

Your videos should give target customers the information they need to make purchase decisions. The content should be educative and provide value to target leads and show them the value your brand will offer to solve the pains they experience. Create explainer videos to guide target customers on how they can use your products to get the best value in solving their challenges. You can also create FAQ videos to answer questions prospects ask about the products or services you sell. Research by CMI shows 78% of brands are still creating video content.

Source: CMI

This shows target audiences are using videos to search for the right brands to engage with and the ones that have the solutions they need for the pains they face.

  1. Leverage the power of social media

Many prospects now engage with brands on social media as they find solutions to their problems. To capture the attention of these target customers and get them to engage with your brand, leverage the power of connection on social media. Create and distribute your high-quality videos on different social media platforms to engage leads to your business. 

Combine compelling video content with strategic promotion tactics through social media and other channels to attract and nurture leads throughout the customer journey. You can partner with influencers in your niche who understand your target audience. They can endorse your business and you can take advantage of their large following to distribute and build trust with prospects. 

  1. Integrate videos in your email marketing

Use the short videos in your email marketing campaigns to engage readers more and increase open rates and user engagement with your content. Add embedded video thumbnails to attract and entice readers to click the links and watch the video content. 


When done right, video marketing can drive massive results and help generate leads for your brand. To capture leads attention and get them to engage your brand, align your video content with the audience’s preferences and consumer behaviors. 

Show them the value of your brand products or services and compel them to convert for your business with your video marketing campaigns. Use the tips in this article to get leads to know your business and how your offers will solve their needs.

Originally published on June 3rd, 2024
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Best Strategies to Get Quality Leads With Video Marketing

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