HubSpot LMS for Online Education with Cincopa

HubSpot is well-known for providing flagship online solutions that don’t compare with most of its competitors.

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HubSpot has moved from basic online tools to highly advanced sales and marketing and customer service tools that can be used to administer company websites with full control over analytics. This has opened a unique opportunity to also administrate online learning systems without any coding required.

With the right system integrations, you can have a very powerful online education platform. Here is a brief rundown on HubSpot LMS systems and how Cincopa benefits businesses.

HubSpot Learning Management System (LMS) 

HubSpot’s content management system solely powers websites, and it requires some coding experience to customize website pages. Creating an online learning platform from that can be very challenging since you are starting from scratch with nothing to build on. As a result, third parties are continually developing different Learning Management System platforms with various features.

The LMS platforms allow online educational system administrators to create and maintain digital learning material easily. Most of these platforms boast their no-coding architecture, allowing administrators to start building their online courses with limited technical skills. There are various benefits to this, including saving funds that could be spent on hiring a development team.

HubSpot LMS systems are built to bridge the gap between qualified professionals who can teach skills to others but lack technical skills. You can make this platform more engaging by creating and uploading video content. However, this can be an elaborate process that takes more than just creating a video. You need to find video hosting platforms suitable for the LMS you’re using.

Why do you need a Video Platform to host and integrate your videos successfully with HubSpot LMS?

HubSpot LMS platforms have worked on simplifying processes when designing the “storefront” of online education platforms. There is a lot more that goes on behind the curtain to deliver the learning material effectively.

With HubSpot LMS platform, it is easier to streamline the process of hosting and embedding the video content. All you need to do is find a video integration platform that will host and make the visual content available as effectively as possible.

HubSpot LMS system alone cannot host videos and publish them on their LMS platform. Therefore, a powerful and effective video integration tool should be integrated with the HubSpot LMS system you choose to use. When choosing the perfect video integration tool, you should consider features such as video reliability, video analytical insights, and video loading speed.

At the same time, do not forget that the video integration tool should be available with Video On Demand (VOD) on mobile devices. These are some of the core features you should consider when choosing a tool to integrate your online education LMS platform.

Cincopa Video Integration with HubSpot LMS for Online Education 

HubSpot LMS seamless video integration with Cincopa When prospecting for potential video integration tools for HubSpot LMS platforms designed for online education, you should consider the complexity of integrating these two systems. As a result, try to look for native integration systems to minimize the complexity of integrating HubSpot LMS and the video hosting platform.

Cincopa integrates natively with HubSpot LMS platform and has all the features you might need to facilitate online video course material.

In addition to the reduced complexity when integrating these platforms, Cincopa is mobile-friendly, and thus the online course material can also be made available to smartphones. Additionally, online education video should have very little to no latency since it is a method of passing instruction.

Cincopa uses the latest caching technology to make its video hosting platform have fast loading speeds. As a result, Cincopa is one of the most competitive video integration systems for HubSpot LMS platforms. There are many more features that make this platform an asset in the online video educational content industry. Some of those features can help with monetizing educational content to a greater degree.

Video Features offered by Cincopa for HubSpot LMS

Cincopa brings some unique features that allow you to host video courses on HubSpot LMS systems and curate them. There is a lot more than what meets the eye with Cincopa and its integration with HubSpot LMS.

1. Seamless video hosting for Online Education

The main functionalities of online educational platforms should be a seamless experience across the platform. This includes that the educational video hosting provider should provide a seamless experience when engaging with the videos.

This means faster loading times so the students do not experience an unpleasant user journey which could impact their academic performance.

2. Video Analytics: Understand your Audience Behavior

Cincopa provides an insider view of how the video content has been reacted to. You can see how many students watched, the number of times they repeated it, and whether they played it in full or not.

While it can also help you pinpoint the best location to embed video content throughout the course by using video analytics data collected from Cincopa.

3. Video Heatmaps: Actionable Video Insights down to specific user

The data that can be collected from users through heatmap is much more precise than general holistic insights. Online educators can gather data about specific users and create a video heatmap of their activity to up their data analytics game. Doing this at random or for struggling students can help them identify if their academic performance is caused by technical issues with the platform or something else.

4. Customizable Video Templates

Cincopa is not the regular video content hosting platform because it goes further into simplifying your online education servicing endeavors. For example, you might not be skilled with creating educational video content. Cincopa has customizable video templates that you can use to make things look more appealing.

5. Viewer Engagement and Personas

To personalize the online educational content appropriately, you might need to understand the audience you’re targeting. You can collect insights about the demographics and personal information of people watching your educational video content. Those insights can help you build user personas that contribute to relevant online course development.

6. Lead Generation Forms 

Lead generation forms built on HubSpot forms can help with qualifying leads and subsequently advancing them in the sales funnel. Fortunately, you can integrate these forms with video content on Cincopa.

7. Video Lead Scoring

Video lead scoring is one of the main features of Cincopa when integrated with HubSpot LMS systems. By collecting insights on the total volume of video watched, percentage of visual content viewed or most viewed video topics, you can score leads. Cincopa provides all these insights to LMS administrators.

8. Complete Video Marketing Automation with Video

Marketing automation has become much more than just a buzzword in the digital marketing industry. By using personalization algorithms, you can show users the most relevant content. Think of the algorithms used by companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Cincopa can help personalize content to that degree based on insights collected from users.

Cincopa: An All-in-One Digital Media Solution for Online Education

Integrate your HubSpot video with Cincopa for a powerful video marketing automation

It is clear to see that Cincopa is an all-in-one digital media solution for online education. With features such as analytical insights provided by Cincopa, you do not need to integrate additional tools. The data aggregated from users can be processed at that very moment and reported to the online learning program administrator.

Features that come as default functionalities within Cincopa can help online learning platform administrators better monetize their content. By personalizing and marketing efforts, you can easily upsell online courses, which can fund more courses brainstormed by analytical data collected. Also, having a reliable online video hosting platform can lead to more customers subscribing to your platform.

In essence, having a video hosting platform integrated into your online learning platform can go a long way toward marking yourself as an industry expert as well as monetize your knowledge. You can simplify online learning for both the administrator and the students who sign up for the course.

The bottom line

Administering an online course is not an easy task which is why you should simplify things by finding the perfect video integration system to integrate with your e-learning platform. Cincopa is one of the most effective tools that you can use to host videos and embed them into course pages. With Cincopa, you can have access to a wealth of analytical insights collected from users.


Originally published on September 10th, 2021
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HubSpot LMS for Online Education with Cincopa

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