Oxsome finds its perfect
DAM platform
with Cincopa


Established in 2016, Oxsome is a web developer and website management company, catering primarily to home service-based businesses.

Lacking the time and technical prowess to take on such projects themselves, plumbers, painters, roofers and other service providers delegate the task of uploading digital assets to their websites to Oxsome. The results are dynamic, lead-generating, and operative websites.

Coupled with features like instant quotes, text message alerts, and SEO, Oxsome enables its customers’ continued business success.


The problem

Right from its inception, it was clear that Oxsome would require a reliable and dynamic solution for digital asset management and hosting.

With the company being built on the ethos of providing on-the-spot customer service, decision makers at Oxsome began its search for a third party solution.
The latter would have to streamline the process of uploading videos, images and audio files.

Oxsome’s customers frequently send these to account managers throughout the day; and, with their success hinging on site visitors seeing their work, these customers require these files air immediately.

With Oxsome providing ongoing service to hundreds of customers, it became abundantly clear that the solution’s ease-of-use would be of paramount importance.

With Oxsome’s technical staff primed to manage and maintain hundreds of websites, requiring them to develop and code when engaging with customers’ digital assets was completely untenable.

The solution would have to do for Oxsome what the latter does for its customers: Provide a plug-and-play, straightforward user experience; one that it can turn to, knowing it will not have to deal with any technical issues.



Oxsome finds the optimal digital asset management system

Oxsome’s first order of business was finding a solution that would enable hosting and managing customers’ videos. After deciding on Wistia, Oxsome then began searching for platforms that would properly address it’s customers’ other digital assets, including podcasts and images.

The search for said solutions led Oxsome to Cincopa.

The latter introduced Oxsome to a concept it had not considered: A single, unified and comprehensive platform that enables hosting and managing all forms of digital assets.

Armed with Cincopa, Oxsome personnel can easily upload customers’ videos, images and podcasts right as they receive them. Then, they create galleries and copy & paste their embed code in the relevant customers’ website.

Alternatively, videos are added to existing galleries; these include Cincopa Video Channels and Portals.

Man sitting on chair with laptop
Cincopa’s easy, fluid backend user experience is vital to Oxsome. The ability to manage and upload all digital assets to numerous sites from a single platform greatly simplifies an all-too-often convoluted process.

The vast array of image gallery templates was another deciding factor in Oxsome’s decision to partner with Cincopa.

With many of its customers boasting hundreds of images on their websites, it was critical that the image hosting solution would enable a unique visual experience. With dozens of dynamic galleries, Oxsome often makes use of a variety of gallery templates on each customer site.

Cincopa’s galleries are completely customizable; videos, images and audio files are presented in a way that feels aesthetically native to the customers’ site and brand.

Finally, the responsive nature of all of Cincopa’s galleries proved a critical component of Oxsome’s decision.

Anytime images and videos are engaged with on Oxomse’s customers’ websites, Cincopa ensures a user experience that’s compatible with the device used; be it PC, tablet or mobile.

“As web developers,
we needed a solution that would free us up to do what we do best.
Cincopa is the perfect platform for web developers.
All we have to do is upload and embed.
It’s functionality is perfectly compatible with companies that need to provide service to high volume customer bases.”

Jason Holmers