Record and Share Video from Your Screen using RecTrace Chrome Extension

Record and Share Video from Your Screen using RecTrace Chrome Extension

If you’re looking for a fast and easy-to-use screen recording tool to share your stuff from a laptop or PC, RecTrace is the solution. RecTrace is a smart and lightweight video screen recorder brought to you by Cincopa, and it can work straight from your Google Chrome web browser. RecTrace can easily capture whatever is on your screen, record your voice or webcam video if needed. All you need to make this smart extension work is simply to install it from Chrome Web Store. But first, let’s see what RecTrace can do for you.

Why should you choose RecTrace to record screen video?

Many free video recorders will add their own branding to your clips or let you record only a limited number of videos before payment. So, it’s essential to choose the tool giving you enough room. With RecTrace, you can start recording right away even if you don’t have a Cincopa account – after installing the extension you’ll be able to sign up with your existing Facebook or Google account in a couple of clicks!

Video starts recording instantly by clicking on the RecTrace button in your browser. You can choose whether to record an entire screen or your active browser tab. Video can be taken from your screen or web camera with sound or on mute. It’s saved and published online automatically when you stop recording. Another great advantage is that all videos recorded with RecTrace are saved in your Cincopa account – so you’ll be able to find any video even if you lose a direct link to it.

Right after recording, you can download the video, share it to social networks, send a direct link to video via email or messenger. If you want to add video to your website or blog, you should log in to, open your assets, and grab an embed code from there.

RecTrace Features:

  • Record your screen with or without webcam video and sound;
  • Share recorded video via URL, email or social networks;
  • Your video can be played both on mobile and desktop;
  • Download video to your device;
  • Embed video to any website or blog;
  • Access and manage all your videos anytime;
  • View detailed video analytics.

Who can use RecTrace

Marketers – promote your company or brand using screen video. Add interaction to your presentations, webinars, tutorials, or demos. Increase brand awareness and engage potential customers.

Online sellers – present your products or services in action using screen video. Demonstrate reviews and walkthroughs to let your customers know how they can benefit by making a purchase.

Educators – screen and webcam videos have proven their effectiveness for teaching people online. Supply your materials with visual information and add it to your LMS platform. Let your students fulfill your tasks using video and contribute to your knowledge base.

Startups and geeks – video screen recorder allows you to explain tasks, showcase different apps, present your business idea and share it with anyone in a fast and creative way.

Bloggers – now you can easily set up your own video channel and uplift your blog with tons of useful videos. Impress subscribers with your content that they will be willing to share with their friends

Given above are only a few examples of how RecTrace can be used. Go ahead and add this awesome tool to your must-have list. Let us know how RecTrace helped to facilitate your tasks and achieve your goals in comments!

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