Shazoom: New Video For Teams Tool Humanizing Your Sales Process

Do you want to easily create personalized video messages that drive sales?

If so, a new video tool offered by Cincopa may be the answer for you. Shazoom is a game-changer because it helps to bring that all-important personal dimension into the sales process.

Not only can you easily record a personalized message and share it, but you are also notified as soon as someone engages with it. Follow up on leads while they’re hot and increase your conversion rate and sales.

Shazoom: Video for sales in a nutshell

Shazoom is a personalized video prospecting and sales messaging tool.

  •        Create, share and track personalized video messages.
  •        Make use of a customizable, interactive and branded video landing page.
  •        Easily integrate with CRMs, email platforms and prospecting platforms to enhance productivity (Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Outlook, Chrome, and Gmail).
  •        Attach other digital assets, such as videos or documents, which form a content library synced to your personalized video.

Four easy steps

Improve your conversions and sales in four easy steps.


Create a professional-looking video from your desktop or mobile in minutes or upload an existing video. Your entire sales team will find it easy to create videos for every stage of the sales process, from introductory to thank you messages.


Attach a related video or PDF to your landing page and add a Click-To-Call, meeting links and social links.


Share your video messages via any email platforms or CRM. Share them on LinkedIn in a personal message or in prospective customer emails.


Get instant email notification as soon as someone watches your video. See who watched what, how much they watched, and whether they clicked interactive elements, such as your CTA. Use this information to segment your audience and follow up.

Why you should use Shazoom

Personalized, one-to-one videos are changing the way brands market because they help to put a face to a name, creating an instant connection with prospects and customers. They convey authenticity, trust, and boost response rates.

Create a great first impression

A super-personalized video is one of the best ways to create that all-important first impression. Grab attention from the get-go by capturing mobile-responsive videos from your desk or mobile.

Upgrade your email marketing

Move away from passive, cold emails that people are unlikely to open. In a personalized video, your prospective customer is able to see you and this makes your message immediately harder to ignore.

Humans are hard-wired to be social creatures. Seeing a human face instead of a dull text in an email inbox is one of the best ways to stand out.

Even supposedly personalized pitches today may come across as robotic and anything but truly personal. Prospects are much more likely to respond when they feel as though they’re dealing with an actual person.

Customize and Personalize your video

Personalized videos offer a sense of relevance. You’ve taken the time to put a video together and tailor it, especially for someone.  This shows people that you’re willing to go the extra mile to present information that’s timely and relevant to them.

After making the first connection with a potential customer, send a personalized video summary instead of a typical email recap.

Provide a demo of your product or service created specifically for your prospect in the same amount of time it would take you to write an email. Create a personal thank-you video to build more rapport than an impersonal email.

Streamline your sales process

Sales teams have the opportunity to create and send video messages at various times during the sales cycle.

From introductory messages to post-meeting messages, there’s no limit to the type of messages they can send to reinforce their relationships with prospective and current customers.

If they need to move a conversation forward with a prospective customer, they could pull up some customer testimonials or how-to-content and personalize it by adding an introductory video.

This allows them to take advantage of existing assets by introducing them in a fresh way that only takes a few seconds.

They can explain why they’re sharing material and how it applies to the prospective customer without leaving them wondering why they have been sent material out of the blue.  

Make your sales decks come to life!

Combine “voice-over-slides” and “talking-head” videos to deliver powerful presentations and demos that tell your story.

Storytelling drives deeper engagement with your target audience. By telling stories, you are able to better crystallize how a product or service fits into someone’s lifestyle. You can engage the emotions of prospective customers and start establishing trust.

Humanize your sales communications

In today’s noisy marketplace, it is difficult to earn the attention of potential buyers. With most sales engagement moving onto the internet, there’s a danger of communication becoming less personal and less persuasive.

Computerized purchase orders and sophisticated financial models have become the norm. Salespeople have to find a way to make that personal connection with potential buyers – Shazoom helps them to do this.

Personalized video messages help salespeople break through the noise and connect on a more human level.

How well salespeople understand potential customers affects how well they market to them. The personal touch and evidence that they understand their needs can go a long way.

Personalizing answers and sharing more collateral, such as additional videos or PDFs, gives a sales team the power to impress, engage and deliver messages that resonate most with a target audience.


Sales Tools

For videos that click.

Use video metrics to measure success

Use video metrics to measure the performance of individual team members and the team as a whole.  Identify top performances and use them when coaching other team members. Get insights about how contacts and prospects are engaging.

Detailed metrics give instant feedback on how video messages are performing and more.

You can see how many videos an individual team member created, the play rate, total engagement, and conversion rate. You can also see overall team metrics, such as total viewing time and average engagement.

Pro Tips

Personalized videos allow you to speak directly to a prospect. The key is to be authentic and genuine.

Overly scripted personalized videos may appear robotic and this ruins the personal nature. All you need to do is jot down a couple of points, practice a few times and then go for it.

Consider writing a personal greeting such as “Hi Peter” on a whiteboard and holding it up at the start of your video. After recording, you can use it as your thumbnail to attract attention.


Shazoom is an exciting, easy-to-use tool that will give your sales team a chance to make instant connections with leads and accelerate their sales cycles. They can reach out to customers in a more human and personal way that reaches beyond the numbness they’ve developed to sales pitches.

Your sales team can show that a real person is interested in helping them solve their problems. They can also receive valuable insights into how their targets are responding to their personal video messages and adjust their campaigns accordingly.

Many companies have found that using personalized video to humanize the sales process and connect with leads, sees their response rates and sales climb.

Originally published on June 5th, 2019, updated on March 30th, 2020
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Shazoom: New Video For Teams Tool Humanizing Your Sales Process

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