New Herald News

The Online
Community Newspaper
Finds its Perfect DAM
with Cincopa


The New Herald News is an online community news site serving Lincoln and Logan County, Illinois, established in 2014. Attracting local and national vendors, The New Herald News is a sought-after advertising platform, and is a rising star on the local news scene.


Group of people in a festival

The problem

A popular destination for local news and events, The New Herald News heavily relies on media with a heavy emphasis on video and photo slideshows.

For years, Ann Hoagland, site owner, relied on an online movie maker and slideshow creator. The latter was the means through which all video and image galleries were arranged and presented to site visitors.

However, despite being a thin-operation, The New Herald News’ site administrators found the tool to be lacking even for their then-modest needs. Frequent crashes, along with images not appearing within defined galleries, had become a hindrance.

More importantly, the relied-upon platform could only facilitate highly-limited image slideshow layouts. Site visitors could not simply scroll between images; rather, they were subjected to a movie-like viewing experience, with each image presented for an immovable, preset period of time.

When the aforementioned movie-making platform changed its web address without informing clients, Hoagland found herself in a predicament; at the onslaught of the biggest local weeklong event of the year, The New Herald News had no channel through which to present its audience with vital images and videos.

The search for a more robust digital asset management solution began immediately.


Residential street in the fall with cars and trees

Cincopa emerges as the optimal DAM

After extensive research and panicked attempts to find a digital asset management solution in time for the big event, Hoagland turned to her CMS developers for a recommendation. The latter directed here towards Cincopa.

Upon utilizing the free trial, Hoagland was immediately impressed by Cincopa’s large, clean, responsive slideshow and video templates. Additionally, the platforms’ built-in analytics, which show user behavior were of great interest.

Through an intuitive, straightforward and easy-to-navigate user interface, site administrators could suddenly upload dozens, and at times hundreds of images and videos on a daily basis. Stalling, unresponsive galleries and platform crashings became a thing of the past.

Previously unknown to Hogaland, the dynamic image presentation features made available through Cincopa led to the site’s complete overhaul. The result was a completely upgraded new website, capable of accommodating images of significantly higher-resolution.

Most importantly, Cincopa will be both the catalyst and the facilitator of News Herald News’ future shift of ad strategy.
The latter will see The New Herald News heavily increase its ability to accommodate national advertisers as well as local vendors.


“I tried Cincopa and it was
literally everything I’d been looking for.
We finished up our massive load of slideshows at least 3 days earlier than we normally do.
It was a dream come true.
There is nothing even close, competitor-wise,
to what I have planned for my news sites.
I know that in order to stay ahead, one must innovate.
Cincopa has helped me do that.”

Ann Hoagland
Founder & CEO