Tips to Make Your Travel Website Stand Out

We are living in a time when travel is easier than ever before. Many people, both young and old, are looking for that next inspiring place to visit. Travel companies are very competitive, and so a travel website has to be carefully designed to make it stand out from the crowd.

Cut the clutter

Some travel industry websites are very cluttered. Visitors will quickly click away from a website that is visually noisy and functionally inefficient. An active travel website should activate the travel bug in viewers and make them want to start packing their bags.

Use photos effectively

Aside from the food we taste and the music we hear, many of our travel memories get linked to what we see. It stands to reason that high-quality photographs are an essential element on a travel site.

Carefully selected images and short, impactful phrases are crucial.  Viewers faced with a collage of many blocks featuring vibrant photos will be more engaged than if they get immediately confronted with hundreds of indiscriminately displayed photos. Viewers should be able to navigate easily from these blocks by clicking through to topics like eat and drink, sleep, entertainment, etc. to find out what to expect during their stay.

One online company that offers many options for helping to create a professional photo gallery is Cincopa.  It has over 40 different skins you can choose from to enhance your photos. You don’t have to worry about any of the technical aspects of your photo gallery so you can focus on selecting the best pictures. When your photos get uploaded, you receive a code to embed on your site, and your image gallery, anything like landscape photo gallery is automatically updated when you add new photos.

Connect emotionally with videos

A video is a handy tool on travel websites. A video can help travelers to connect emotionally with a place. For instance, a video of a cascading waterfall, an exotic animal or a colorful local festival can convince them they have to visit. Live action tends to get much more reaction than a static photo gallery.

With most travel websites incorporating video, the quality of experience you provide can be a crucial differentiator. With Cincopa as your video hosting provider, you have access to many options that will put you ahead of competitors. The developers are aware that you are not a programmer, so they offer intuitive and easy-to-use solutions. All you do is upload your video and allow the wizard to guide you through the process. You can play around with the Vulcan video player, changing the color, adding a call to action or creating a lead capture form. You can use interactive captions so viewers can search within your videos, giving them a more engaging experience. Using all the advanced tools and detailed analytics helps to provide you with a competitive edge.

Make finding information easy

Beyond being a source of inspiration, a travel website must allow travelers to see all the necessary information easily to arrange their travels. Once they are convinced they need to visit a place, it should be easy for them to plan a trip. Straightforward information, helpful logistics, and tips all contribute to the total experience of visitors to your travel website.


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Originally published on July 14th, 2018, updated on April 24th, 2019
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Tips to Make Your Travel Website Stand Out

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