What is a Video Quiz? How to Create it Online?

Video Quiz is used to educate e-learners, kids and adults alike while they are watching a video.

These engaging quizzes make the lengthy videos interactive and grab the attention of the viewers better. The users must watch and listen carefully as they will be questioned on the video content. Video quizzes give an opportunity to a user to directly interact with the video maker and give immediate feedback.

What is a Video Quiz?

A video quiz generally has an integrated video interface for the user to click, and it appears when a video is running. A short section of the video will explain a complex concept, and a multiple-choice question or a true or false question pertaining to the topic will appear on the screen. The user should select the correct answer, press on “continue,” or “click here” button to proceed.

A video quiz is generally designed to make the videos more interactive and assure the users understand the video content better.

Why are Video Quiz used?

Video quizzes are mainly used to educate adults in corporate training and educate kids during online classes. These can cover a range of topics from simple puzzles to math games and training material. They are useful to teach several subjects from English grammar to tutorials on how to use new software.

Video quizzes are used widely to take personality tests, psychiatry tests, astrology tests and are used to create fun activities as well.

Benefits of Video Quiz

Video quizzes capture the attention of a viewer better. Since viewers have to answer questions based on the video, they watch the video more attentively rather than skipping the sections.

These quizzes are useful in corporate training as the company can ensure each part of the online training module is watched fully by their employees.

A recent survey states top corporate companies spent nearly $1,000 annually on employee training. Workers who are trained regularly about trends within the industry, learn new skills and are thorough about new company policies regularly earn 24% more than the untrained workers.

Online training is preferred by most of the companies owing to its one-time creation and unlimited content sharing. Online training can be in the form of a video lecture, going through a PDF or presentation and taking a test. But there is no definite way to measure if the employees really listen to the course material fully and attentively.

Video quizzes are a great way to ensure every part of a video lecture is watched with questions popping up in-between the video at regular intervals.

Pop-up quizzes up in between long video lectures or presentations enable the user to break up the video content matter into small chunks and absorb the important parts. A simple click on the multiple-choice question grabs the attention of the user 5x times higher than listening without any action.

Video quizzes prevent the usual classroom daydreaming while the lecture goes on and kindle the user to pay more attention. Most video quizzes are designed in a way to proceed only if the correct answer is selected. Else, the viewer has to re-watch the particular part of the video again.

The scores the viewers acquire will be shown immediately and there is no need for separate assessment. Viewers can also give productive feedback about the video immediately and these quizzes can be made quite attractive using simple animations.

Key Elements of the video quiz

A video quiz consists of 10 key elements.

  1. A video shot professionally for the purpose of training.
  2. A software platform to embed the video or paste the video URL
  3. The timestamps that show places where the questions will occur in the video like a small circle or a hexagon with numbers. A 15-minute video will usually have around three to four question sets.
  4. The questions can be multiple choice or open choice where the user fills up a sentence or two based on the word count permitted. True or false questions and choosing from the radio buttons or ticking multiple options is also common.
  5. The scoreboard which shows whether the answer selected is correct and keeps adding the scores for all the properly answered questions.
  6. A result page that displays the final score and description of the result for various scores is displayed at the end of the video
  7. Feedback form to rate the video or the video quiz with an open ended question which requires the users to give their comment is also present in most quizzes.
  8. Sometimes, a timer is set to answer a particular question.
  9. If the participant fails to answer the question in a particular time or chooses the wrong answer, a button giving them a chance to watch the concerned video module again will be displayed.

Some quizzes are designed to make the participants proceed to the remaining video chapters only after choosing the right answer.


How to create a video quiz online?

There are several ways to create a video quiz online.

Google Forms

Embed a video onto Google forms and create a form that questions about the content in the video. Though the questions won’t be integrated directly into the video, several marketers prefer using Google Forms as it is free. It is quite useful in conducting surveys and getting feedback from the customers.

Online Platforms

Many online platforms allow the users to create an online video quiz just by secure logging onto their website. They can embed any video and add the required key elements using the software on the website.

Most interactive video creators, personality quizzes and astrology prediction videos are created using such services. The video quizzes are embedded in the landing page or the website or blog of the creator to provide more value to the customers.

University Software

Several universities offer their own dedicated platform for their teachers to create easy quizzes when they upload course material online. The teachers create simple question and answers mostly true or false or multiple-choice questions at frequent intervals and upload them along with their lecture.

The pandemic home e-learners usually make extensive use of such interactive course material to enhance their knowledge. Most schools and colleges use interactive videos and even kid’s click on them with ease. They replay the video module if they are not able to follow a particular part easily, without the help of their parents.

Paid Software

Paid software to create interactive video quizzes is used mostly by the corporate companies for high-class training. They keep the data about the users, quizzes, and the training material quite safe.

Complex quizzes explaining product design, manufacturing process and other key company procedures are created as videos with appropriate quizzes added in the middle.

Apart from just question and answers several extra video features like the animated company logo or emblem are present in such videos. High-end paid software pave the way for creating certain simple simulations to train the employees on handling particular parts of software too.



Video quizzes are used to improve the interaction between the viewer watching the video and the video creator. Marketers, corporate companies, and educational institutions use them to conduct surveys, training or to teach daily lessons. 

Video quizzes are quickly becoming an integral part of different industries as they help in capturing a viewers’ undivided attention and measure their training instantly. Video quizzes are another milestone in the online tutoring world as it integrates and automates the process of teaching, testing, and scoring effortlessly. 

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Originally published on July 22nd, 2021
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What is a Video Quiz? How to Create it Online?

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