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Use Cincopa’s video platform, portals, emails and integrations to empower your team and provide your costumers with the best customer support possible.

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Why use video for customer support?

Your customers are one of the most important parts of your business, and in today's digital landscape, effective communication is key to their satisfaction and loyalty. That's where video comes in.

Whether you're an enterprise catering to B2B or B2C customers, a dynamic startup revolutionizing an industry, or an e-commerce site selling products online, finding the right customer support strategy is essential to ensure your customers remain happy and devoted to your brand. Video customer support offers a powerful solution that can quickly address their problems, foster personalized communication, and maintain high satisfaction with your products or services.

At Cincopa, we leveraged the potential of video for customer support by creating a series of "customer help" and "how-to" videos that serve as canned responses for our helpdesk and email inquiries. We have developed a self-service video portal, enabling our users to easily find the solutions they need and find answers to their questions independently.

In some cases, our support team generates video “on the spot” using RecTrace — Our webcam and screen recorder, which instantly makes itself available by Connecting RecTrace with our Support team’s Cincopa Account.

cincopa for zendesk video integration

Cincopa For Zendesk Video Integration

Create engaging "How-to" videos, Record and share personalized videos.

Your "how-to" and help videos can be created, uploaded, and edited easily and quickly with the Cincopa for Zendesk widget directly from the platform. You can add annotations, include calls-to-action, create chapters for longer guides, add subtitles, and include other additional details to further engage your users and encourage them to utilize your helpful support videos.

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Cincopa for Customer Support

cincopa for customer support
personalized video responses

Create How-To Videos and Personalized Video Responses

Cincopa's RecTrace Chrome extension empowers you to shoot professional-looking videos in no time. Capture your expertise and insights and instantly make them available on your Cincopa for Zendesk widget, allowing you to easily share them with your customers. Team members can effortlessly add and customize videos, enabling the creation of a collaborative and comprehensive library of helpful how-to resources.

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cincopa video analytics

Track and analyze engagement with Cincopa Video Analytics

Track and analyze engagement with Cincopa's advanced video analytics and video heatmap to measure the effectiveness of your support videos and optimize their content. Explore the powerful integration of Cincopa for Zendesk and experience the impact of data-driven insights on your customer support strategy.

video knowledge library portal gallery directly

Embed a Video Knowledge Library Portal Gallery Directly onto Your Website

Create a comprehensive self-service video support library, discover the power of managing, embedding, measuring, and optimizing your video content in a single platform.

In-App messaging platform

Embed in Your In-App Messaging Platform

Enhance user engagement and education by seamlessly inserting video thumbnails into your in-app messages.

In-App and email video sharing

Extend Your Reach with In-App and Email Video Sharing

Strengthen relationships, share important announcements, updates, and news. Start promoting your products and services by leveraging in-app and email video-sharing capabilities.

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