Cincopa For Zendesk

Maximize your support team's productivity and customer happiness using Video, Images and Audio inside Zendesk

Cincopa is a powerful video and multimedia management platform for business that can now work for you in couple with Zendesk.

Embed Video Inside Zendesk Tickets • Support Tickets have Video, Audio or Image tags for reporting • Build a pre-existing media library or have your team generate and upload content directly from zendesk

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Download and installation

  1. Step 1
    Find Cincopa app in Zendesk directory
  2. Step 2
    Login to Cincopa or register to create a new account
  3. Step 3
    Go to Cincopa account settings and navigate to API tokens Login
  4. Step 4
    Create new key with all permission for zendesk
  5. Step 5
    Copy the key and paste it into Cincopa app installation in zendesk

* If you want to let your team members upload multimedia assets, activate the Allow upload option.

The benefits of using Cincopa app for Zendesk

  • Add video and rich media galleries to your tickets right from Zendesk desktop;
  • 100+ fully customizable gallery templates at your disposal;
  • Free up your resources - let your customers find answers by viewing videos, galleries, and slideshows;
  • Send your customer a direct link to a desired video or gallery via Zendesk ticket;
  • Make your answers more informative with video annotations, subtitles, pop-up forms and buttons;
  • Use video analytics to find out vital insights about your customers and see how well they are engaged with your content.

About Cincopa

How to use Cincopa for Zendesk

  • Once installed Cincopa app in your Zendesk instance you are ready to go.
  • Choose cincopa icon in the rich text editor.
  • Select a Cincopa gallery where new content will be uploaded by default.
  • Choose which Cincopa galleries will appear in your Zendesk dashboard.
  • Click on the "Install" button.

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