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Cincopa Video Portal

With Cincopa content management features you can easily upload, search, tag and embed videos privately or publicly to any of your digital assets, whether on your marketing website to boost your SEO ranking and generate leads using video or an internal customers, employees or partners portal for educational and support use.

Gain complete control over which video content your employees can access within your organization and engage them with the content you need them to see. Create your own video portal for your website and never again rely on YouTube to host all your videos.

The perfect video portal solution

Create your own video portal and gallery in minutes with Cincopa. The easy-to-follow set up wizard quickly and simply guides you through the process. We have a wide selection of beautiful video portal templates to choose from and each one will give you a professional, user friendly and attractive video gallery along with unique features like password protection, branding, call to actions, annotations and advanced video analytics.

Not only can you create the perfect gallery for the public. With Cincopa video portal, you can also create a private easy-to-navigate page for your own employees to easily access all your training and information videos.

Create your own, private enterprise YouTube

Don’t let your video content get lost in the millions of YouTube videos, have your viewers directed outside your website or have your competitors ads and content recommended for them.

Take complete control and create your own video gallery that’s easily searchable for your users. Plus, you can personalize it and ensure the video gallery is displayed with your branding and style.

By giving your users and employees an easy-to-use video gallery, you will promote your brand, engage your audience and increase internal knowledge transfer. That’s because they see all your videos in one, easy-to-access place.

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Gain valuable video insight

Easily understand how each video is performing on a user or audience level with the different analytics views we offer.

By using our API, you can easily and securely pass logged-in user information (Ids, name and emails) to our advanced video analytics and track which videos they engaged with and to what extent using our video heatmaps.

Increase video visibility

The Video Portal has built-in search engine optimization that will allow search engines to find your videos much easier with the use of tags. By improving SEO, you allow your target audience to find your content effortlessly.

An essential marketing tool

Using a media gallery such as Video Portal keeps your audience viewing only the content you supply for them – freeing them from unwanted distractions and pesky ads that may be present on sites such as YouTube. Video Portal is also equipped with share and related video features to direct your traffic to your other media outlets and video content. Gate your content to collect leads with email collector or call to action.

Beautiful gallery templates

The Video Portal allows you to choose from a multitude of templates that will keep your audience engaged in a creative yet professional way. Coupled with an incredibly easy to use wizard, the Video Portal ensures that you will have a clean looking video gallery up in running in a matter of minutes.

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