Video portal features

Having a professional looking video gallery to display multiple videos on your website is essential to captivating your audience. Not only does it allow you to showcase all of your video content in one place, but having a video gallery makes it easy to find any of the videos you may be looking for. With Cincopa’s Video Portal, you can show your viewers exactly what you want them to see and you can keep them engaged with your content without any outside distractions.

Beautiful gallery templates

The Video Portal allows you to choose from a multitude of templates that will keep your audience engaged in a creative yet professional way. Coupled with an incredibly easy to use wizard, the Video Portal ensures that you will have a clean looking video gallery up in running in a matter of minutes.

Gallery skins

An essential marketing tool

Using a media gallery such as Video Portal keeps your audience viewing only the content you supply for them – freeing them from unwanted distractions and pesky ads that may be present on sites such as YouTube. Video Portal is also equipped with share and related video features to direct your traffic to your other media outlets and video content. Gate your content to collect leads with email collector or call to action.

Advanced analytic support

Track vital statistics such as watch time, view and unique view count, and impressions that allow you to find out exactly which of your videos are doing well, and which of your videos can be improved upon. Analytics can also be used to find out who is watching your videos so that you may alter your marketing plan to better suit your audience.

Analytic support
Marketing tool

Increase video visibility

The Video Portal has built-in search engine optimization that will allow search engines to find your videos much easier with the use of tags. By improving SEO, you allow your target audience to find your content effortlessly.

It’s very easy to get started with Video Portal. Visit the help section which provides a step-by-step guide through all of its essential features.

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