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Cancel plan or package paid with Credit Card

If you have a monthly or a yearly recurring subscription and you cancel your subscription in the middle of the subscription, your subscription will be canceled immediately.

To cancel the Cincopa plan or package subscription simply follow steps below:

NOTE:  To cancel a package you need to follow the exact same steps as for plan canceling.

NOTE: Billing section is available for paying customers with credit card only, if you’re looking to cancel a plan or package from Paypal please follow these steps

1. Visit Cincopa My Account page and click on ‘Billing’.

2. Click the ‘Manage’ button for the subscription you would like to cancel.

3. Click ‘Change’ under ‘Status’

4.  Fill in a cancellation reason and click on ‘Cancel Subscription’

The page refreshes and you’ll see there are no records now under ‘Active Subscriptions’

And on My Account – Billing section subscription becomes ‘Cancelled’

And you will also be notified by email:

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