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Video Portal Template Customization


Set up a video gallery using the video portal mosaic skin that Cincopa has designed and you can create a customized webpage embedded with your videos.

The responsive video portal mosaic is an impressive video gallery, which consists of a wide variety number of video players with diverse thumbnail dimensions. The video portal is simple and easy to manage, it supports all mobile devices and can be added quickly to any HTML or CMS based webpage. There are plenty of customization options, which you can set according to your personal preferences.


This field is for your internal use only. It won’t be visible to your users. Give your gallery a name that will help you locate it amongst your other content.

This field is for your internal use and helps with SEO tools only. It won’t be visible to your users. Describe your gallery in a way that will help you categorize your content.

The width of your gallery can be set in % or pixels, if left empty then the width will be automatically set at 100%.

Thumb Size

The size of video thumbnails.

NOTE: For video portal skins this setting is unavailable.


Thumb Aspect Ratio

Sets the size of your media content inside thumbs. By default, it set to fit-crop.

Video Thumb

Sets thumbnail display; will be locked when using tagged group images.

  • Poster – the thumbnail will display as poster/image
  • Play video – the thumbnail will play video without sound
  • Play video and audio – the thumbnail will play the video with sound
  • Play Facebook mode – the auto-play feature allows videos to play silently on your timeline and if you tap on the video, it will be played with sound

Note: For more details about the Facebook mode video player please click here.

Main CSS

Allows you to edit the CSS yourself and create different gallery designs.

Note: For more details please click here.

Add text

Adds text on thumbnails:

  • None –will display no text
  • Title – will display the caption of media files
  • Description – will display a description of media files
  • Title and description – will display caption and description of media files
  • Tag Name (group images) – will display tagged group name
Add text
none title description title and description
Tag Name (group images)

Note: In order to display tagged group name at “Add text” setting select “Tag Name (group images)”.

Hover action

A small boxed text message pops up when the mouse cursor hovers over the thumbnail:

  • None – no text box is displayed
  • Tooltip with the title – on-hover text box with caption is displayed
  • Tooltip with description – on-hover text box with description is displayed
  • Simple hover – works only on image media files
  • Hover with title & description – on-hover text box with caption and description is displayed
Hover action
none tooltip with title tooltip with title

& description

simple hover hover with title & description

Note: Cincopa offers you the ability to change an image on-hover action. For more details please click here.

Thumbs per page

You can split your media files or tagged groups into several pages.

Pagination options

Pages can be displayed:  With numbers, previous/next buttons, or a ‘Load more’ button.

  • Without pagination – used when you need to display all media files or groups at once; thumbs per page value is 0
  • Simple with numbers only
  • With prev/next
  • Only prev/next
  • With first/prev/next/last
  • Load more style
Pagination options
without pagination simple with numbers only with prev/next only prev/next with first/prev/next/last Load more style
Shuffle items

Media files are randomized each time the user previews gallery.

 Optimized load

Files are loaded all at once or using scroll when visible, 20 by 20 items.

  • Load when visible – files are loaded on scroll 20 at a time (this helps when having a gallery with hundreds of items)
  • Load all – loads all items at once

Group images” setting set to “ON”, “Open Category page from Group” set to “ON” and add “Group images tags” text box

NOTE: If a file or several files are untagged, these will be moved to the no-tag group automatically

Tags order

Allows you to order groups by tags in ascending or descending order.

Preview Thumbnails

Progress indication bar thumbnails are visible when hovering over the progress indication bar. They can come in 2 sizes, small and medium.


Grow thumb width Size

Width Size of the thumbnail when clicking.

Note: This is enabled only when ‘Item open action‘ is set to ‘Thumbs grow when click‘.

Item open action

Select action on item click.

  • None – Take no action, if media files are grouped then it will display media files inside of the tagged group as thumbnails

Note: When ‘None’ is selected, social sharing, lightbox text, related URL and watermark image will be locked.

  • Classic Lightbox – when clicking on the media file thumbnail it will open in a classic lightbox. Lightbox text can be added plus as well as a video watermark

Note: When ‘Classic Lightbox’ is selected related URL will be locked.

  • Modern Lightbox – when clicking on the media file thumbnail it will open in a modern lightbox. Lightbox text can be added as well as a video watermark

Note: When ‘Modern  Lightbox’ is selected related URL will be locked.

Video Portal Style

When clicking on the media file thumbnail it will open in Video Portal Style. Social Sharing icons are displayed, related items from the same tagged group will be displayed, and a title/description can be added to the video.

Note: When ‘Video Portal Style’ is selected related URL, thumb size, and thumb aspect ratio will be locked from Basic and Advanced parameters.

Thumb grows on click

When clicking on the media file thumbnail, it will open at a larger size (depending on the value set on the ‘Grow thumb width size’ setting).

Add a title/description when the media file opens in Classic Lightbox, Modern Lightbox, and Video Portal Style.

Image Size

Choose image size for an on-click display.

 Loop Slideshow

When loop mode is selected and your gallery reaches the last item the open lightbox will automatically transition back to the first item on the list.

Social Sharing icons

Here you can enable or disable any social sharing icons as needed.

Cincopa supports adding external links to images in your galleries, as well as the option to open a link in the same tab or in the new tab. For more details click here.

Note: When ‘related URL’ is selected social sharing, lightbox text, and watermark image will be locked.  Media files will be displayed as thumbnails outside and inside tagged groups.

Video Portal hover color

Here you can select a color that will appear  when the mouse cursor hovers over the thumbnail

Player Control

Show Play/Pause Button

By changing the toggle button to “Off” the “Play/Pause” button won’t be visible as a player control when opening videos through the video portal

Share button

Enables sharing of the video portal URL. Use share buttons to promote your content and increase your audience.


Show/hide subtitles in the video portal.

Show Fullscreen Button

Show/hide the fullscreen button in the video portal.

Show Volume Button

Show/hide the volume button in the video portal player.

Showtime control

By changing the toggle button to “On” the time control indicating video length and time will become visible in the video portal player controls.

Show Progress Indication Bar

Show/hide progress indication bar in video portal player.

Controls color

Customize the theme color for your video portal player controls.


Choose watermark placement over the player. If you don’t need watermark then leave this option set to “I don’t need watermark”.

Watermark URL

Add in the watermark file direct URL.

Watermark Click URL

Add in the on-click URL (target site URL when clicking the watermark).

Open URL in a new tab

Open watermark link in current tab or new tab.

Brand player

Add your logo to the player control bar. If you don’t want to add a logo, change the toggle button to the ‘Off’ position.

Player Logo URL

Add in the Logo file direct URL.

Player Logo Click URL

Add in the on-click URL (target site URL when clicking the logo).

NOTE: For more details about watermark/branding features please click here.


Allow Download

Allow users to download and save all files in the selected gallery.

Note: Resized zip contains photos resized to 600×450, videos in mp4 format, and music in original sampling. For more details about gallery zip download please click here.

Domain Lock

Allow this gallery to appear only in the domains on this list. This will prevent others from adding your gallery to their site.
Type a list of domains separated by comma or leave empty to allow all domains.
No need for https://  For example:mydomain.com,blogspot.com

Domain Lock Message

Message to be displayed when the gallery is locked, leave empty to keep the default message. For more details about domain lock please click here.


Protected your gallery with a password. Viewers will need to enter this password before the gallery will become accessible.


Enable this option if the gallery is not working properly inside a page and the gallery will be placed in an HTML iframe.

Track Events with GA

When enabled, the gallery will post events directly to your Google Analytics account where you can collect detailed information about user engagement.

Add a search box above the gallery to allow viewers to search for content within the gallery. For more details about adding a search box to your gallery please click here.

Right-Click Protection

Lock right click options to prevent downloading and saving of your content.

Right-Click Text

The text users will see on Right-Click.

Right-Click URL

Type in the Right-Click URL (target site URL when selecting ‘Right-Click Text’)

Download size

Allow users to download individual files from your gallery.  For more details about how to add right-click to your gallery or enable individual download for your files please click here.

Note: Photos resized to 600×450, videos in mp4 format, audio in mp3 format or choose the original size of uploaded item

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