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Gallaries Asset Compatibility Matrix

Playlist Category Playlist Name Video Audio Image Document
Video playlist Video with Horizontal playlist
Video Academy Template
Spree Video Playlist
Video Portal
Video gallery with right playlist, large preview thumbnail
Online Video Course
Video player Photon Video Player
Billboard Video Player
Facebook mode video player
Product-Ad Video Banner
Video gallery Video and Podcast Channel
Marketing Category Slider
Product Marketing Slider
Video gallery with categories
Video portal Video portal mosaic
Video portal mosaic with filter by tags
Video portal mosaic Vimeo style
Grid (Videos & Images) Not just Video
Responsive imagelist
Responsive imagelist with rounded thumbs
Tutorial gallery
Pinterest like
Pinterest style gallery with rounded thumbs
Pinterest style gallery with white lightbox background
Holiday pinterest style gallery
Adjustable Grid Gallery
Grid Slider (Videos & Images) Responsive image gallery
Real estate photo slider
Wow Slider
Moving image slider
Responsive nivo slider
Slider (Videos & Images) Dynamic image slider
Dynamic image slider CSS version
Accordion slider
Daily Episodes Slider
Featured Episodes Slider
Responsive jquery slider with video
Responsive jquery slider
Cool Slider
Responsive Layer Slider
Full width slider
Simple responsive slideshow
Responsive slider with labels
Image gallery with expanded vertical menu
Slideshow showcase
Roundabout slider
Popup Video
Grid Category Videos by categories
Video portal with slider and sub categories
Podcast and Audio Templates Video and Podcast Channel
Podcast/Audio player
Responsive blue audio player with playlist
Responsive HTML5 music audio with playlist
Responsive HTML5 audio player with playlist dark background
Responsive HTML5 audio player with playlist bright background
Responsive HTML5 audio rounded player with playlist
Responsive HTML5 audio player with playlist with images
Responsive HTML5 audio player
Responsive HTML5 dark rounded audio player
Responsive HTML5 square white audio player
Responsive HTML5 retro blue audio player
Responsive bottom page audio player
Audio player with large cover
Smooth Audio Player Light
Smooth Audio Player Silver
Responsive tiny audio player with playlist
Spotify player
Bandcamp audio player
Baroque audio player
Mixcloud audio player
Bottom audio player with playlist
Rounded audio player
Minimalist audio player
Tiny audio player with playlist
Sonic Uno
Background Slider (Videos & Images) Full screen slideshow
Full screen website background photo slideshow
Full screen video with vertical menu
Full screen video with vertical colored side menu
Full screen video with vertical expanded thumbnails menu
Full Screen Background Video Player
Podcast Episode podcast
Magazine and Portfolio Meet the Team Blast
Hipster Meet the Team gallery
Portofolio Skin Gallery
Cool Team Slider
Doc Files sharing basic


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