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Add images to audio gallery

Cincopa provides the possibility to add images for each audio file. In order to use this feature please follow the steps below:

1. Create your Cincopa gallery.

2. Choose an audio skin.

3. On step 2 Custom Skin page click on the “Advanced” tab.

4. Here depending on the audio skin selected there are two different settings to be made in order to be effective:

4.1 To enable photo/image on your audio gallery choose from “Image in playlist” dropdown setting size of image how do you want to be displayed: Small / Medium / Large.

NOTE 4.1 : This setting is available for the following new audio skins:

4.2 To enable the photo / image in your gallery select from “Album Cover Art” dropdown Custom setting.

NOTE 4.2 : This setting is available for the following audio skins:

5.   Click “Use these Settings” button to move forward to the next step: step 3 – Upload files.

6.   On Upload files step add the files you need to be displayed in your gallery.

NOTE: The right order of the files should be: Image file >> Audio file.

7.   Click “Next”.

8.   On step 4 > Text and Reorder make sure that there is an image file before each audio file.

9.   Click “Next” and your gallery is ready to use with images on your audio playlist.

To change the order of your gallery, please see this video:  How to change the order of a gallery

You can also check How to add images to video gallery

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