Responsive Bottom Page Audio Player

This unique music player skin is more than a mobile friendly and fully customizable widget. It can detect where a page ends and automatically display the widget at the bottom.

The bottom page music player allows you to upload lots of music files and arrange them via a neatly designed playlist. As the audio player owner, you may set the widget's size, colors, control bar elements, menu and functions such as auto repeat and autostart. In addition, you have the ability to block (or authorize) users and other domains from using your media and enjoy a full protection of your audio files.

The mobile friendly music player supports most audio formats and uses a reliable CDN system to ensure a fast and smooth performance. The responsive player is friendly for both admin and end-user; it has efficient navigation buttons, volume bar and progress bar. For ultimate customization, you have an option to edit the CSS files.

Install the bottom page audio player in a couple of minutes and embed it into your page; it may be an HTML page, one of the hundreds social networks or any common CMS based site like WordPress, Joomla, Weebly, Drupal, Buddy Press, MediaWiki, Blogger, WordPress MU, TypePad, Ning and vBulletin.

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Responsive Bottom Page Audio Player - Main Features:

  1. Unlimited number of audio files
  2. Set the music player width
  3. Set the playlist height
  4. Responsive design
  5. Full scalability
  6. Automatic conversions and resizing
  7. Auto display of album cover art
  8. Add gallery name
  9. Remote access - manage your gallery from your mobile devices
  10. Reliable CDN - fast delivery with no stuttering and lingering issues
  11. FREE hosting and delivery services - limited to 400MB of space and 200MB of bandwidth per month

Advanced Settings for Pro Users:

  1. Edit CSS files
  2. Unlimited background colors
  3. Unlimited text colors
  4. Unlimited theme colors
  5. Activate autostart option
  6. Continue playback after page reload
  7. Auto repeat of playlist
  8. Auto repeat of song
  9. Show or hide progress bar
  10. Show or hide navigation buttons
  11. Show or hide volume bar
  12. Files download - Allow users to download your audio files in their original or resized version
  13. Domain Lock - make a list of domain names, which are authorized to use the music player
  14. Enable iframe option

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  • Desktop 1280x720
  • Tablet
  • Mobile

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