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Invite Members to Account and Manage Privileges

Cincopa enables account owners to add additional members to their Cincopa account. If you have a team of people that work directly for you or with you,  you can add them as users to your account. This especially good if you are a team of professional webmasters/designers/content – developers and would like to offer your services to different Cincopa users.

Adding a new user does not require the owner to share personal account log-in details, contributing to the continued security and privacy of your Cincopa account. When inviting additional members to your account, you will decide what access level to assign them. At any time you will be able to remove and add additional members and all teamwork will remain saved and secured

How to access Invite & Manage Members screen

Once you are logged in, click on the profile icon in the top-right corner of the home page and select Invite &  Manage Members.

OR click on the profile icon in the top-right corner of the home page and then select Account Dashboard and navigate to the Invite &  Manage Members option in the menu.

Let’s look at all of the options individually:


The email address of the user that allowed to access your account.

First and Last Name

These are optional fields that will help you easily identify the users allowed to access your account.

Level Access Permissions:

The User will have different access levels, which will reflect on the actions that the user will be able to perform in the account.

At any time, the account owner or admin can change member privileges by selecting a different permission level through the drop down menu next to the user. Once the permission level has changed you will see the notification ‘Status Successfully changed’.

Owner –  This is the status that given to the email address assigned to the account  (more info on how to change account email). The owner will not have any restrictions in what they are allowed to access on the account.

Admin – The Admin user will be given the same rights as an owner and will be able to do the following actions :

  • Edit and manage the Cincopa account
  • Edit and manage the galleries
  • Upload and delete assets
  • Invite new members and set their permissions

Editor – Editor privilege will limit the new user’s capabilities to edit and manage the galleries, assets and view the Analytics. The user with ‘Editor’ privileges will not be able to access the following screens:

  • Invite & and Manage Members
  • Billing
  • Integrations

Viewer – This profile will limit the user and only allow them to view galleries on your account.

Suspended – No access

Resend Invite

On the Invite & and Manage Members page you will have the option to re-send the invite next to the users information.


Near each member, you can see the Remove button. Pressing on this button will delete this member and prevent the user to access your account in the future (unless you invite this member again)

Invite People

Pressing on the Invite People button will open an Invite people pop-up, there you should add email, access level and name of the new member to access your Cincopa account

Once the required user details are entered, click on the Invite button or press on the Cancel button if you want to disregard it.

Pressing on the Invite button will:

  • send an invite email  with login details to the entered email address
  • add the entered email to you Members list

You can add several  members in a bulk by using the ‘Add another’ option in the ‘Invite People’ screen

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