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The difference between users

Below is the description on the difference between different user roles on your Tube.

  1. Owner:  An Owner has ALL access : Here is what someone with an “Owner” Role are capable of doing :

    1. Add workspace

    2. Add channel

    3. Add content

    4. Remove content

    5. Invite users and set roles

  2. Admin: An Admin can manage content and access : Here is what someone with an “Admin” Role is capable of doing :

    1. Admin access  in a workspace

      1. Add channel

      2. Change workspace name and description

      3. Invite users as contributors and viewers to the workspace.

      4. Delete workspace

      5. Add channel

    2. Admin access in a channel)

      1. Add video/asset

      2. Remove content

      3. Change channel’s name and description

      4. Change channel’s privacy

      5. Invite users to channel contributor and viewer

      6. Update avatar and banner

Admin cannot change Tube settings such as change color and advanced options.

Admin cannot create workspace; except admin can only work in workspace assigned.

  1. Contributor: Read/Write/Remove access 

    1. Add content

    2. Delete content

    3. No other access

  2. Viewer: Read-access

    1. Cannot add video/asset

    2. View only (no other access settings)

And that’s it! We hope you can now differentiate between user roles on your Tube.

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