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Updating Embedded Galleries in Cincopa

One of the advantages of hosting your videos through Cincopa is that you can easily embed your Cincopa videos on your blog, CMS, or website without having to learn complex programming code.

With our smart embed technology, when you make a change to a gallery that is already embedded you do not need to re-embed that gallery.

Cincopa platform has the ability to update the embed code automatically after a change has been made, this will update the embed code on your web page without any action from you.

How to update an existing Gallery:

Log into your Cincopa Account

Open the Galleries tab and enter edit mode by selecting the Settings icon

You will be taken to the Customize Template screen.

Please consult this article for a step by step guide on how to customize a gallery

When you are done customizing select the ‘USE THESE SETTINGS ‘ button

In the Upload and  Manage Assets tab, you can add/remove files. On completion select next and the changes will be saved.

The embed code will automatically be updated and the changes will appear without the need to re-embed the gallery.

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