Closed Captions Editor

Reviewing and editing your automatically generated or uploaded closed captions

The editor can be accessed for editing uploaded captions files or during the reviewing and editing process of automatically generated captions (which can then too, be editing again later on).


The powerful captions editor allows editing the text in place

Moving Items along the timeline

Adjusting An Items duration

And Additional functionality available when right clicking a row item such as:

Delete Line Deleting an item.

Insert before – Inserting a new empty line after the right-clicked item.

Insert After – Inserting a new empty line before the right-clicked item.

Merge with next Merging the existing item with the next item on the table list.

The timeline itself can be scrubbed (+- 2secs) to better navigate it.


And finally, you can publish your work which will set it live on the video.

When working with Auto-generated captions, you can also save your work for later.


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