CincopaShare Mobile App For Photos and Videos

CincopaShare is a new, easy to manage and completely free photo and video sharing application. The mobile share app is available now on iTunes store for iPhone and iPad users; Android version will be launched soon.



What Does The App Do?

CincopaShare app provides a video and photo sharing service. It is a fast and incredibly simple solution, which enables common people to share their pictures and videos, directly from their mobiles, through social channels such as mailing systems, SMS, Facebook and Twitter.

Each mobile share page you create displays one media file in a fully responsive layout; meaning, the people, whom you share the file with, will enjoy a great viewing experience using any of their devices.

You may use your existing mobile photo album and video library or use the app to create new media files to share. All new files are automatically saved and stored on your mobile device.

The straightforward mobile video sharing tool is perfect for distributing long and heavy video files. The recipient does not have to waste any time or disk space since there is no file to download, merely a link to the mobile share page, where the file is displayed. The share-page consists of the file presentation as well as the sharing options you may use. Copy the share page URL in case you will want to reuse it in the future.

How It Works?


Install App for Free

Make sure you have iTunes store access (download for free); find CincopaShare and install the free video and photo sharing application.


Click on the large Orange button for start sharing


Select the media

You would like to share and mark the designated file; you may choose to create a new video or photo, which will be saved to your device automatically.


Share the generated share page link

Via Facebook, Twitter and SMS or send it by email.


Save the mobile share page URL for future use

Why Use Cincopa's video and photo sharing services?

Cincopa is a reliable, progressive company that specializes in rich media solutions. The company runs an advanced multimedia platform protected by high-end security systems. It offers an attentive and highly professional support and provides most products and services for free.
Cincopa has developed the CincopaShare application to suit the rhythm and style of the modern social life; it is free, fast and ridiculously easy to use. All it requires are a few simple clicks and your video or photo are already out there, fully responsive and with no downloads to slow down the flow.