Video for Sales

Video tools that help your sales team win.


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Close deals faster.

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Create & send personalized video messages that drive sales.
Attach marketing controled video & media collaterals.
Send videos from your email account or from your CRM.
Get notified when someone views and follow up!

Video For Sales
Video Portals

Sales Channel

Sales Alignment

Keep your sales team up to date with video announcments:
Inform them on new products, features and services
using a secure, on-demand video channel.
Track viewing & usage.

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User Generated Content

Create your own Video Portal

Enable your sales team to watch on-demand videos,
and allow them to record their own video pitch.

Create your own Video Portal
Employee generated Video

Secure Portals

Create branded secure video channels and share them inside your organization.


Watch videos, answer questions, send back a practice pitch to your manager or team for review.


Record and Send Personalized video messages.

Marketing Portals

Your own branded video channel and library. Connected with your marketing automation platform.

Drive more sales with Cincopa.