What is the most Important Feature for Music Themes?

Musicians need audience and the best place to get a decent exposure is via the World Wide Web. If you are a singer, have a band or own a music related blog or site you do not necessarily need to invest a grandiose budget in a special music website design or purchase a designated music template such as a WordPress music theme. You just have to make sure that the site reflects the desirable image, preferably an attractive one.

There are many features that may come in handy for bands and musicians such as an event calendar and a contact form, which allow fans to follow your tours and communicate with you directly. However, the core of a music theme and the only thing you cannot manage without are supreme music features.

Music Player

An audio player is the most basic feature a music site requires. Advanced audio players comprise playlists, responsive layout, a friendly navigation and various options such as Auto-play, shuffle, repeat and so forth. Fans and strangers that visit your music site expect to be introduced with your previous and latest work, and you must provide them with excellent listening experience.

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Video Player

Video players enable you to share your music clips, live concerts, interviews and behind the scenes films. Those videos increase user engagement and show different sides of you or your band.

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Photo gallery and Image Slideshow

Pictures are easy and fast to take in any situation, and people just love them. Displaying studio and jam sessions photos, pictures taken in live shows and everyday life and images of promotional materials are a great way to get people to know you better.

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Add Cincopa Music Widgets to your Music Theme

Professional music site cannot settle for medium quality multimedia widgets. Built-in photo slideshows, audio players and video players are hosted on the site server, using space and bandwidth, and usually, do not allow you a complete control over the widget content and performance. In general, it may be wiser to install external widgets in order to showcase your music in the best possible way.

Cincopa expertise is in providing a complete multimedia solution. It offers varied photo galleries, video and audio player skins, which are fully customizable. It provides free and upgraded hosting and delivery services, files protection and many advanced features. Above all, no matter where your users are located, Cincopa video and music players ensure a smooth and sharp display with no lingering or buffering. You can create divine music, but if it takes ages to upload or if it keeps getting stuck during play, nobody will want to listen to it. There is also a promotional advantage of inserting an external audio or video player in your music theme. You can use the same music gallery in many different sites and social networks, simply by clicking on the method you wish to use.

Cincopa music players are fast and easy to create and handle. All conversions and photo resizing are performed by the software, and you get multiple extra features as traffic reports, remote access to your galleries, automated backups and advanced options including users download and domain lock.

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