oEmbed URL for Easy Social Sharing

Social Share is one of the most powerful promotional tools existing today. Websites and blogs owners and even individual users, who wish to display their rich content presentations to a broad and diverse audience may find that the best way to achieve high exposure is by embedding their content in one or more of the various social channels and popular networks available on the World Wide Web.

The problem with this kind of solution is it may be a bit complicated to embed and manage content manually in dozens of sites. The revolutionary oEmbed format allows you to embed a simple URL, which links directly to the content resource for further queries regarding any additional data.

What is oEmbed

"OEmbed is an open format (or free file format) designed to allow embedding content from a website into another page" (Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia).

OEmbed is practically a type of plugin, extension or module that allows a site to embed content from oEmbed providers or the other way around; the site becomes an oEmbed provider, meaning other sites that support oEmbed can display the site's content.

It simplifies social sharing and embedding procedure. It enables users with no programming skills, technical knowledge or extra time to embed content automatically into numerous sites with oEmbed support like WordPress oEmbed, YouTube oEmbed and Twitter oEmbed, or even use it in discussions and comments.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.


Cincopa media platform has become an oEmbed provider in order to facilitate its members' sharing demands. Once you complete creating your gallery you are presented with the methods you may use to embed it such as different Content Management Systems and HTML based sites. Next to the other methods available you will find a new social networks button, which will allow you to choose where you want your content presentation to be embedded.

Cincopa allows you to choose your favorite sites from more than 340 social channels according to your specific needs while all required conversion, resizing of photos or transcoding is made automatically by the application with no effort on your side. Some of the most popular social share sites are Facebook, WordPress oEmbed, LinkedIn, Twitter oEmbed, various Email sites, Pinterest, Delicious, YouTube oEmbed, Amazon, Myspace, Reddit and many more.

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