Easily share your files in social networks

Starting from now, sharing your Cincopa files became the easiest and fastest ever.

You can share a single photo, video or a song with just one click. Share it using a unique new share page or post it on Facebook, Google+ or any other favorite social network

So, how it works?

For your convenience, there are 2 sharing options:

  • Share single media file from earlier uploaded files using the Assets library page
  • Share a single file during the upload process into Cincopa

Share single media file from earlier uploaded files

Your Cincopa account can store your photos, videos and audio files on cloud servers. You can always use them to create awesome galleries and embed on your website or for getting remote access to your files from any PC. All your uploaded files are available in the "My Media" library page. Simply click on any file you want to share from the list and the following pop-up window will appear:

image gallery sharing

The new features are:

  1. View your file and play it from the pop-up window
  2. Download your file to your computer
  3. Get a unique share page URL for your file
  4. Share your file directly on social networks or send by email
  5. Update the title of your file
  6. Write a description
  7. You can even share the location this photo or video was taken (just make sure that GPS tagging is enabled in your camera).

The unique share page for your file:

image sharing url

Your Facebook friends can comment about your file and continue to share it among their friends. This page is also compatible with mobile devices so your files can be viewed and shared as you go. For detailed guide about this exciting feature visit Cincopa support website here.


Share single file during the upload to Cincopa

Once you upload new media file to your Cincopa account you can share it with your friends directly from the upload page. Simply choose your preferable social network or just copy the unique share page URL.

image upload preview

For more specific instructions read this guide.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.


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