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4 Easy Steps to Get Started with Personalized Video in SaaS Email Campaigns

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Sending out visual content to prospects positioned at the start of the sales funnel helps make a great first impression. SaaS marketing and sales personnel know this well. This will make your customers that much more likely to remember your brand. 

To pique his or her interest and maintain intrigue early in the customer’s journey, you need to progress from using images to start using personalized videos

Personalized videos are not new. They are commonly used among companies in their marketing and one-to-one sales outreach; from prospecting to closing deals.

88% of U.S. marketers see measurable improvements due to personalization; with more than half reporting an ROI lift greater than 10%.

When you engage with a large group of contacts, you need to be efficient with your time and approach. Sending personalized mass email campaigns will save your time and effort.


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How do I send personalized email campaigns at scale?

To get started with video email campaigns, you need a personalized video platform to help you along the journey. There are very few B2B enterprise video personalization and distribution platforms dominating the market.

If you are looking to get started with personalized videos, you should be looking at platforms that extend personalization capability and drives all customer engagement. Hippo Video takes care of the entire lifecycle of video personalization ranging from hyper-personalization (humanization), multiple channel distribution to video and user analytics. Another great platform is Cincopa. The platform enables you to record quick, high-quality personalized videos and then embed them into emails.


Getting started with personalized video email campaigns

This article will introduce four ways through which you can start using personalized videos in your SaaS video email campaigns.

  1. Sending personalized videos to inbound Leads
  2. Adding personalized videos to outbound emails
  3. Personalized videos in lead-nurturing or follow-up sequences
  4. Closing deals faster with personalized videos

1. Sending personalized videos to inbound leads 

If your company has a constant stream of inbound leads, it can become almost impossible for your sales team to get in touch and follow up with every lead quickly enough.

As a salesperson, getting in touch with the lead quickly and establishing a great first impression is exceedingly important. Here is where using a templated personalized video in your sales workflow can help you.

The moment a lead fills out the signup form or books a meeting, send them a personalized email response. But instead of just a plain text email, send an one with an embedded video.

Sending a personalized video rather than a set of traditional nurturing emails attracts your inbound leads, and there is a higher chance that they will remember your company for an extended period of time.

It’s a lot easier for companies to generate leads than to nurture and retain them. Mostly, it’s because some leads don’t get noticed. They end up slipping through the cracks, or the sales team doesn’t follow up promptly. However, adding personalized videos in your nurturing email sequences is sure to yield significantly higher ROI. 

2. Adding personalized videos to outbound emails

During the ABM outreach process, you will have a clear understanding of your target audience and what they expect out of you. The struggle here is to convince them that your company is the right fit to address their pain points (when they don’t even give a heck about your product).

How to use personalized videos in your outreach process?

The first email that you send when you reach out to new prospects will sail the customer relationship forward. In the outreach emails, you have to place your focus on the video call to action (CTA), whether it’s booking a meeting or demo, or filling out a form.


Your personalized video should tap into your customer’s primary pain point. When you zero in on it, you can better tailor your video communication. 

Follow these easy steps to get started with using personalized video in your outreach process:

Step 1: Prepare an email list. Pencil in each name, email, company, social profile, etc. Maintaining a prospect list with data will help you personalize your videos.

Step 2: Initiate a conversation with your prospects by including a personalized video in the email. 

Step 3: At the end of the personalized video, include a call to action – it could be scheduling a demo, or filling out a form that would lead in closing the deal.

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3. Personalized videos in lead nurturing or follow-up sequences

Many times, your prospects get busy, and follow-up communication can get lost. Pull your prospects back in by nurturing them with personalized videos.

How to use personalized video in a lead nurturing sequence?

Nurturing continues up until the point your prospects give up on your solution. Experiment with different video scripts to determine which is most effective in converting your deals. 

As far as I have seen, sending personalized videos that encourage prospects to learn more about your company is a simple way to start.

Follow these easy steps to get started with personalized videos in lead nurturing sequence:

Step 1: When nurturing lead, send personalized videos to prospects who may have acted upon your video call to action, but got lost in the process. 

Step 2: Always keep your nurturing emails and the video content short. You have to pitch in the main idea within the first 10 seconds, else you will lose your prospect’s attention. 

Step 3: Encourage your prospects to schedule a demo and make it easy for them to complete the action that you are targeting.


4. Closing Deals Faster with Personalized Videos

How rigorously you follow up after a sales call or demo will show your prospects what they can expect out of your product when they become a customer. That’s why sending a personalized video to close deals is essential.

How to use personalized video in closing deals faster?

Personalized videos build trust and encourage your prospects to establish a long-term relationship with your company. Building holistic, personalized experiences with every follow up email can improve your deal closing rates. Sales teams who use videos in their outbound process see a 20% increase in closed deals

Follow these easy steps to get started with personalized videos in closing deals:

Step 1: I’m sure you already have a video that addresses your prospect’s pain points and how your company can solve them. Great! Such tailored videos are an instant deal closer. 

Step 2: When your prospects are on the verge of conversion, you can introduce your sales or support executives who will be handling their account going forward. Such personalized videos build trust as they meet them virtually. 

Step 3: Send personalized videos to prospects who show interest in closing the deal or have questions to be answered before converting.


Author Bio: Sanjana is a Product Marketer at Hippo Video and frequently writes about Enterprise Video Strategies, Video Marketing, Video Personalization, Video Tools, and SaaS industry. You can follow her on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Originally published on December 17th, 2023, updated on January 20th, 2024
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4 Easy Steps to Get Started with Personalized Video in SaaS Email Campaigns

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