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Personalized Video Marketing in 2024: Where will it Work Best?

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Videos have become the lifeblood of digital marketing services. As more marketers have risen to the opportunities presented by video marketing, they’ve also started looking for ways to make their initiatives stand out.

Personalized video marketing can make a viable difference to your bottom line.

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What is Personalized Video Marketing?

As generic content continues to lose its impact on consumers, marketers find it increasingly important to cater content to the individual needs of the audience.

These audiences are now looking for a personal touch from brands to make them feel appreciated. In fact, 81% of buyers want brands to get to know them before approaching them.

With the growth of AI, marketers have found new ways to harness user information and offer more personalized experiences through video.

You don’t have to create a new video for each consumer. Instead, use data management tools to find audiences with a similar pain-point, produce a relevant video, and provide recommendations and solutions that consumers can relate to – this can significantly increase your brand’s conversion rates.


How To Make Personalized Videos

When it comes to creating personalized video content, the most important factor to account for is details.

Adding subtle details, such as the recipient’s name or adding the company title can help you create an impactful video that is not only tailored to the prospects’ pain points but also to their personality – giving it the human touch that can prove to be a key differentiating factor.

Whether you are using an online tool to create your personalized video, or looking forward to hire an expert for production, here are a few things to bear in mind if you’re hoping it will have a greater impact on your audience:

-Make sure you create a detailed storyboard as it will allow you to integrate your personalized message in a better way.

-If you’re using a personalized object (a name slate for instance), make sure you get a static shot of it in the video to make sure the viewer sees it – you can take close-ups of the personalized aspects of your video to guarantee that.

-While choosing a thumbnail, don’t just take a clip from the video. Instead, take an intriguing shot specifically for your video thumbnail to entice the viewer from the very beginning.

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Capitalizing on Personalized Video Marketing in 2021

With the average retention rate for personalized video content being  35% higher than the non-personalized alternative , it would be wise to attempt and jump aboard this trend.

Here’s how to get started:

Use Personalized Videos on Your Website

Incorporating a regular video on you landing page increases your chances of conversion by 80%; adding a personalized video increases that probability manifold.

Marketers can use automated tools that allow them to find out whether the user is new to the page or a return visitor, and then deliver adaptive content accordingly.

For a return visitor, automation tools (such as will allow you to learn about products that users were most interested in. These tools will also help you identify why they left, and then put a relevant pre-prepared video in front of them to entice them back.

Integrate Them into Your Customer Service CRM

Customer experiences are the core of every marketing activity since they are directly associated with generated revenue.

In 2021, marketers will increasingly opt for CRM software to find common problems faced by their customers. Once they have this info, they can create personalized videos to help them find the solutions they need.

In fact, in some instances, they can even send one-on-one videos to consumers, all in an effort to build brand loyalty. You will see numerous personalized reminders, product announcements, and occasional videos by brands directed at their target audience.

Deploy Personalized Videos in Emails

Personalized videos are expected to be a crucial part of email campaigns in 2021. They improve your chances of converting lead, the impetus for email marketing.

You can use a customized video as part of an e-invite to a podcast or webinar through an email, or to send special promotions and deals to a select group of individuals who attended your event.

Benefits of Making Personalized Videos

Besides these videos yielding high click-through rates, here are a few more ways a personalized video experience can benefit your business:

Enjoy Greater Exposure

Did you know that a video is 50x more likely to land on the first page of search results as opposed to a text-based page? That’s because Google considers videos more impactful for users.

This is an opportunity for you to get seen and heard before your competition.

Personalized video content provides Google with more options to show to a potential user who’s searching for products and services similar to yours.

The more visual content you place online, the higher your chances will be of growing traffic to your pages, not to mention the brand awareness, impact, and loyalty you will generate by showing up higher in industry-specific search results.


Develop Credibility

Building trust among customers can be a difficult task as you have to show them that your business values them as a customer and offers all the right solutions.

Personalized videos help your prospects develop confidence in your company; you took time out to address their concerns using a customized, unique video.

Improve ROI

The essence of good marketing is efficiency – i.e., converting more people while spending less.

Personalized videos can help you be efficient with your marketing budget;  using personalized videos for call-to-actions can increase click-through rates by 202%, a far higher ROI.


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In Conclusion

Customers no longer want to be treated likem another peg in the wheel of profitability for your business. They want to feel like they matter as an individual, and they are  more than willing to jump ship if another brand makes them feel that way.

Research shows that 52% of people and 65% of business buyers will readily switch brands if their existing vendors fail to deliver personalized communication.

Personalizing your video content can help you  better command your audience’s attention and, convert more leads and secure more deals.


Originally published on January 18th, 2024, updated on January 20th, 2024
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Personalized Video Marketing in 2024: Where will it Work Best?

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