5 reasons to choose our web video player

Videos engage the audience and Cincopa web video player will make users love your site

If you are settled to enrich the appearance of your web with video, first of all: congratulations! Video is the thing to go for.  And how, you might ask… With Cincopa.

5 reasons why Cincopa Web video player is a great choice

Because it is easy:

Cincopa offers a simple wizard that enables you to perform the needed actions in order to embed all the different types of media. You will probably be surprised by the short and easy procedure that is to add a web video player. Try it!

Because it features an e-mail collector:

A great way to turn your videos into lead generating machines is through the e-mail collector. You can use the call to action feature to drive users to an action at the end of the video.

Because you can custom brand:

You can add your own logo or watermark to the media player and showcase your brand in the way you find it most appropriate. In this way, gaining the maximum brand exposure and directing people to your website from wherever they watch your multimedia.

Also, your media player can be slickly harmonized with your corporate style, no coding skills required!

We have developed a variety of video player skins, from simple and elegant video player skins, to charming playlist skins, portal skins, video gallery skins, background sliders skins…  There is no chance one of them won’t suite your needs.

Because you are in control:

A great feature: You can customize player controls and behavior. In doing so, you can choose to show or hide playlist, progress bar, time control and volume slider, allow FB Auto Start or Always on Top mode, set volume level by default, display native player on mobile devices and more.

Also you can decide to add or remove specific buttons like Play, Pause, Next, Full screen, Loop, Shuffle, and Share.

And not only that: you can allow people to share your media content on social networks with our smooth sharing buttons.

Because of our in-depth analytics report system:

Our unique analytics feature allows you to get valuable insights to what your users are doing regarding your video. Such as when did they view it, in what location, their engagement… Elements meant to help you optimize your video material and take it to the next level.

Originally published on May 31st, 2016, updated on March 17th, 2019
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5 reasons to choose our web video player

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