HTML5 Video player and Email collector

HTML5 Video player and Email collector

Cincopa has the solution for your great video and your HTML5 based site to meet your potential audience and create fireworks!

Engage  your users with an HTML 5Video Player and our e-mail collector

Our application allows you to create, embed, manage and even promote your own unique HTML5 video player. And why HTML5? Because that’s all you need to add a video player to your site without any third-party add-ons or embedded code from other sites, just one simple tag.

By using Cincopa’s e-mail collector, setting HTML5 to customize the e-mail form or using a standard form, you can turn your videos into lead generating assets. The idea is to use the call-to-action feature at the end of the video to drive users into action.

According to James McQuivery of Forrester Research your 1 minute video is equal to 1.8 million words which means video is THE way for users to get quick and real information on services and products. At Cincopa we smooth the path for you to reach that goal: you just have to upload raw files, select a skin and customize it.

How Cincopa makes your life easier

We have developed a simple wizard that guides you through this short procedure and automatically performs all technical tasks such as conversions and transcoding.

Whether you want to revamp your site or engage in a different marketing strategy, you can rely on our expertise:  you do not need any technical skills or special HTML5 video formats. You only need to spare a few minutes and we will help you establish an HTML5 video player which you will be able to promote on many different sites and social channels.

Why are we so special: HTML5 Video Player Main Features

  1. 17 stylish skins
  2. Accessibility – remote upload and download
  3. Multiple customization options
  4. Allow or block files’ download by users
  5. Add or hide playlists and Menus
  6. Promote your HTML video through numerous channels
  7. SEO optimized
  8. Automatic transcoding and files compressing
  9. Automatic backups and reports
  10. Full scalability
  11. Supports all major video formats and browsers
  12. Pseudo-streaming
  13. CDN
  14. Upgraded plans at reasonable cost
  15. Easy management
  16. Call for action and email collector
  17. Our analytics: allowing you to get insights to what your users are doing
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