8 Underrated Email Marketing Tactics that Boost ROI

For every dollar spent on email marketing, you can get an ROI of 3,800%.

Imagine that. Making $38 for every $1 you spend on sending emails.

But random emails won’t work.

You need to send the right email to the right recipient and at the right time.

And for that, you need to know the right email marketing tactics.


In this article, we have eight underrated email marketing tactics.

You won’t hear about anywhere else.

But they work, for sure.

(We have used these strategies, so we know.)

Eight Under-utilized Tactics To Make Sure Your Email Marketing ROI Shoots Through The Roof.

1.    Don’t Be Afraid To Send Longer Emails

We live in a world that runs on the motto: The briefer, the better.

And studies have shown that the ideal email copy should be between 50 to 125 words long.

But that’s not always ideal.

You can (in fact, you should) send longer copies in certain situations. Here’s when longer copies drive home conversions:

  • Introductory/Welcome emails explaining how your product/service/business works.
  • Selling a product or service right in the email itself.
  • When you are launching a new brand/product/service and want to introduce it to your audience.
  • A weekly or monthly roundup post with snippets of blogs on your site or rewind of what happened in the past month/year.

With longer emails, you get the opportunity to build personal relations and a connection with your audience.

A Word From The Wise: Offers and discounts never brought in as many sales as people connecting with the brand or business did.

2.    Use A Single CTA

Pick one:

A jampacked store that has salesmen tugging on your sleeves asking you to do this and so that.


A beautifully planned store where one salesman takes you from the entrance towards the checkout counter, all the while telling you exactly what you need to know and answering all your questions.

The latter, right?

So why employ multiple salesmen in your email copy?

When a single email asks the reader to shop for multiple things, it doesn’t work. Your reader gets confused and buys nothing.

CTA buttons, when placed correctly and used wisely, can increase your email’s click-through rates by 25%.

For that, instead of bombarding your reader with calls to action, have a single strong CTA.

A Word From The Wise: Don’t confuse if you want to convert.

3.    Don’t Get (Too) Personal

How would you feel if I mentioned your name, your organization’s name, your designation, your professional history, your dog’s name, and what you ate for lunch today right here?

How the hell do you know all this?

Getting all that information about me without my consent is a breach of my privacy. 

That’s what you screamed, right?

So why get too personal with your emails?

Don’t cold sell.

Don’t send our bulk emails that have no personalization.

But don’t get too personal either.

You don’t want to sound like a stalker, right?

Here’s what you CAN do to personalize your emails:

  • Use the reader’s name in the mail.
  • Show them products/services that they had previously shown interest in.
  • Ask them to review the product that they purchased or the service they availed.

Here’s what you should NOT do in the name of personalization:

  • Use multiple references to where your reader works or the organization they are associated with.
  • Talk about the reader’s actions on your site (we saw you visit the XYZ section and browse through the ABC category.)
  • Mention any information that isn’t ordinarily available in the public domain or isn’t obvious. (Your wife previously shopped from our website, which we found out from the fact that you have the same shipping address.)

A Word From The Wise: Know your audience and sound friendly. But don’t become a private detective or stalker who is always on their heels.

4.    Automate Your Email Campaign, But…

… don’t set it and forget it.

You can do a limited amount of work each day. And spending time doing things that tools and software can do is a colossal waste of your abilities.

Instead of sending those emails yourself, it is only logical that you automate the process with an email marketing tool.


But don’t forget to check up on the emails. And don’t forget to look after the process and results often. Software solutions should be used to reduce the burden of repetition, but you still need to be the boss of things.

Keep a keen eye on the reporting and results. If you sense the slightest of changes in the results (either positive or negative), find out what caused the change.

A Word From The Wise: The best kings never let their ministers run their empire without supervision. Let the software do the stuff, but have the reigns in your hands.

5.    Don’t Stick To The Same Template

An email that looks exactly like the one you sent before won’t spike curiosity. When you find an email template that performs great, don’t make it your go-to template for all future emails.

Keep changing your template depending on the purpose and time of the email.

Start with a GIF if it is a friendly welcome email.

But get straight to the point if you are offering a huge discount.

A Word From The Wise: Not sure how to design multiple email templates that will bring in conversions? Hire a digital marketing agency for the job but don’t stick to just one email template.

6.    Don’t Stop Growing Your Email List

Once you have an email list ready, don’t stop there. Keep growing your list.

The more the number of people in your email list, the more will be the chances of conversion.

Also, over 22% of your existing email list will decay each year.


  • People could change their email addresses.
  • They could leave a certain organization and stop using their official email.
  • Unqualified leads and uninterested audiences could unsubscribe from your email list.

To make up for these lost email subscribers, make sure you keep growing your email list.

How to do that?

  • Have CTA buttons asking people to subscribe to your newsletter or join your email list. Place the CTA on your home page or specific landing pages too.
  • Tell people you are offering bonus content via email. This works best if you already have a dedicated readership on your blog.
  • Host events (seminars, giveaways, podcasts, etc.) and ask people to sign up or participate by signing up with their email addresses.

A Word From The Wise: No matter how many people you have on your email list, keep growing it. The end of growth is the beginning of decay.

7.    Learn How To Manage Your Email List

A long and ever-growing email list can soon become a mess. A hot mess that is unmanageable and defeats its own purpose.

Use the following steps to manage a bulky email list for the best results:

  • Try Segmentation: Build separate email lists based on audience characteristics.
  • Keep Analyzing: You can track every engagement on your email. Use the data and insights to understand what works with what kind of an audience.
  • Do Regular Clean-Ups: No point in keeping dead contacts in your email list. Regularly clean your list and update it.

A Word From The Wise: Without management, even the best of resources will go waste, just like your email list. Manage it to be able to make the most of it.

8.    Don’t Try To Do Everything On Your Own

You cannot use all the above-mentioned tactics on your own.

It is true whether you are managing the email marketing campaign for your own organization or for a bunch of agency clients.

You need time, skills, and expertise to be able to bank on these underrated tactics.


Can you write engaging long-form email content?

Can you design the perfect CTA button?

Do you know how to automate the email marketing campaign?

Are you sure you’d be able to design multiple converting templates?

Will you be able to single-handedly grow and manage your email list?

 If you said a confident yes in response to all these questions, you can go solo.

If not, hire an agency, and they can offer you email marketing (and several other) white label services.

A Word From The Wise: Get help if you cannot do it on your own. Instead of trial and error, go for the tried and tested.

Want to get Started With White Label Email Marketing Services?

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Originally published on June 3rd, 2021, updated on December 21st, 2023
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8 Underrated Email Marketing Tactics that Boost ROI

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