Cincopa acquires ZooEffect

Cincopa, the video, audio and photo hosting company announced the acquisition of ZooEffect and the integration of ZooEffect’s advanced analytics tools into the core products of Cincopa.

By integrating technology from ZooEffect into its industry-leading multimedia hosting platform, Cincopa will make it easy for marketing and sales teams to track engagement and campaign conversions in an automated fashion. Reports can be used to understand user trends, gain business insights down to a single second in a video.

For the education market and internal marketing sector this tool will measure student or employee performance, tracking progress and engagement as well as providing critical data in real time.

“Organizations continue to take a unique approach to internal communication with web video as the main instrument for internal relations, sales enablement, employee training, product explanation videos and instructional videos,” said Oren Shmulevich, CEO and founder at Cincopa, “the integration of advanced analytics into our Video Portal and Video Gallery products will create an industry-leading platform that will help our customers achieve their company goals.”

The advanced analytics tool is scheduled to be released later this year and will be included in the popular Corporate plan.

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About Cincopa Cincopa (Twitter: @Cincopa) is the industry’s leading cloud-based video and multimedia platform. Cincopa empowers businesses in 160 countries to achieve their company goals using video, audio, sliders and slideshows. With Cincopa customers can add video and multimedia to their websites in minutes with many templates to choose from, create video portal and video gallery, get real-time analytics and all without worrying about security, scalability, delivery and device compatibility issues.

Originally published on February 4th, 2016, updated on March 17th, 2019
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Cincopa acquires ZooEffect

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