5 Tips to Supercharge Your Marketing with Online Video

“Content is king” – that’s a 100% true statement, and video is sure to play the major role in content marketing. As we go forward, video keeps growing in terms of the number of views and time spent online. According to Forrester Research, “Every minute of video is worth 1.8 million words”. Just think of it – that’s 3600 pages of text in A4 format!

2015 has demonstrated the rapid rise of web traffic generated by video. It is expected that in 2016 companies will invest even more in video hosting and marketing as they realize that their previous investments in video pay off through the increasing number of leads.

In order to fully embrace the power of online video for your business, follow our tips based on the key online video trends and predictions for 2016 and beyond.

Integrate videos directly into website design to create a custom user experience

It is predicted that by 2019, video will take up to 80% of the total Internet traffic compared to 64% in 2014. Taking that percentage into account, it goes without saying that it’s no longer possible to ignore videos if you want to build a truly engaging website.

Adding videos to a website helps to increase traffic up to 55% Integrating videos directly into your website’s design matters even more than promoting them on external video publishing platforms. Home page, product and service pages, portfolio, team page, blog articles – these are only a few examples of where embedded videos will be a great fit.

You can embed videos in multiple ways to achieve the exact custom experience on every particular web page. Background and full-screen videos are among the hottest trends for 2016. Customizing video player controls or adding playlists will also give your website a unique look and help to make your content more interactive.

Find a reliable third party video hosting solution

The State of Video report conducted in October 2015 shows that 79% of websites with embedded video are using third party video hosting solutions. While YouTube and Vimeo take 70% and 57% of the market share respectively, they can be considered for promoting video content externally rather than using them to embed a video on a website. More businesses are expected to migrate to alternative video hosting platforms in search for more freedom in terms of customization, branding, faster content delivery, getting rid of ads.

Cincopa provides professional video hosting with a rich collection of fully customizable design templates and everything you may need publish, embed, personalize and display videos, drive extra traffic to your website, engage visitors and turn them into leads. Learn more about Cincopa’s video hosting solution.

Brand your video content

The latest video content marketing survey results show that 96% of B2B brands are using video as a part of their online marketing strategy. Basically, any business can find unique content to feature in a behind-the-scenes video story. That can be anything from interviews with CEO to creative product reviews and case studies.

Branded video can be used both with a stand-alone video player or embedded on the website. Increasing brand awareness can be achieved by adding a logo, watermark or a website link. It’s necessary that specific videos and playlists are supplied with social sharing buttons thus helping to distribute content across the web.

Make your videos mobile-friendly

With the advance of 4G Internet networks and the expected emergence of 5G in the near term, video becomes accessible anytime and anywhere to the extensively growing segment of mobile users.

HTML5 video player is an extremely wise solution if you want to provide visitors with unlimited and fast access to your content and grant them with positive mobile experience. Some of the up-to-date video solutions come with mobile friendly skins and integrated rich media support, so mobile users can enjoy your video content in lossless quality.

Turn video into SEO traffic booster

Back in 2009, Forrester revealed their report saying that videos have a “50 times better chance to get a first-page organic ranking on Google”. After 7 years, the point still remains. Embedded video can have an immediate impact on website search appearance by increasing the time spent on the page, improving CTR, decreasing bounce rate and generating high-quality backlinks. No wonder, that’s the reason why 75% of businesses are likely to optimize their videos for SEO in 2016.

Here are a few search engine optimization ideas for video content:

  • Create a meaningful title and description for each video;
  • Include SEO tags;
  • Use a reliable content delivery network (CDN) solution;
  • Add active links to your videos and encourage users to share them via social channels.

Sounds a little too complicated, right? Indeed, optimizing videos for search is not a big deal if you are using built-in SEO tools available in Cincopa’s video player.

Enhance your marketing strategy with high-quality video

As we can see from the actual trends, video marketing is on the rise and it will increase its influence in 2016. It’s critical to both businesses and individual website owners to invest their effort in creating high-quality video content. Customizing the video experience, powerful video hosting, branding, as well as mobile and search engine optimization will be the key milestones to using video successfully as a part of your marketing strategy.  


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Originally published on January 28th, 2016, updated on March 11th, 2024
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5 Tips to Supercharge Your Marketing with Online Video

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