Create amazing slideshow of your class activities

Schools are centers of excellence and creativity and students are always doing something in learning or co curricular activities. All these activities are mainly captured in photographs to be kept on the school or class display or in the school office for a record. Some schools also have videos of activities and competitions for presentation to parents. Photos and videos can tell a story that words can sometimes not suffice. Some moments captured in photos can never be re-lived and they can be cherished for a long time. Here’s how to make amazing slideshows for your school activities.

Capture Fun Events and Activities

Memories are made out of experiences in life. All moments can create a memory and so there is no lack of events to capture for your school or class slideshow. Imagine there is a time you will have to part with all your school colleagues after graduation and its possible you might never meet some of them again in life. The best way to keep a memory of the time you studied together is to take photos or videos together. You will then have something to remind you for as long as you live, if you are able to preserve the photos or videos. Schools always have events like games, outings, celebrations and parties where students come together to compete or just have fun outside of the class. These are great opportunities to capture videos and photos as you play and interact with your colleagues. Learning is also a great thing to remember in school. You can take pictures of your class and your teacher, desk mate or roommate and other special people you learn with. As a class, you need to have a photo of all the students for memory.

Create amazing slideshow of your class and school activities

Identify a slideshow hosting service

After you have the photos and videos you want to use for the slideshow, the next step is to look for a hosting service. As students you might not have much resources but slideshow hosting is not as expensive as you think. All you need it to get a hosting service that will offer a high quality service. The slideshow can even be hosted on the school’s website by adding a simple code. A slideshow is hosted in a skin which is the frame that holds the slide together and these are provided by hosting companies for free if you are not looking for a customized design. A customized design will cost some dollars but will make your slideshow unique.

Upload the photos or videos

After identifying a hosting provider and the skin of your choice, the next step is to have your photos or videos uploaded in the slideshow skin. This should not be a challenge especially when you have a good hosting company. You can upload your videos from any device be it camera, cell phone or any of the device directly to the skin. The slideshow is then formatted with simple steps and it will be ready for viewing in a short time.

Upload photos, video’s and audio’s. Manage all your multimedia assets in one place

Distribute the Slideshow

No student in a class or school will want to go without a personal copy of good videos and photos especially when set into a slideshow. You can email the slideshows and photos directly especially with the Cincopa slideshow service to all the students, keeping the quality or every image and video.

Time cannot be rolled back but moments captured in photos and videos will always help roll back your memory and still relive the moments you share with fellow classmates and schoolmates as you continue learning together and years after you have graduated and left the school.

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Originally published on August 30th, 2016, updated on October 27th, 2020
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Create amazing slideshow of your class activities

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