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Display artwork as shared slideshows

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The internet is the most effective channel of marketing artwork and any other form of creative materials. There are numerous advantages due to the number of people you are bale to reach with less effort and cost as compared to advertising on TV or print media. Pieces of art take a lot of skill and effort to create and they need to be presented to buyers with the same originality and craftsmanship to attract the best prices.  Art has for a long time been displayed as static images on webpages but this is now being replaced by the use of slideshows. Here is what to consider before choosing a slideshow service.

Quality of pictures

Art is always a product of an artist and must remain as original as possible to attract a good price in the market. Keeping that quality as on the internet will require a platform that is specially made to ensure certain qualities are maintained. Your html slideshow should display the artwork without losing the small print, color, texture and feel of the particular artwork being displayed. The quality should not be lost or compromised even as the slideshow flips through the images. Each piece must appear as closest to the original as it possibly can. Poor quality images can destroy the trust customers have on a particular artist and lower the price per unit.

Distribute by email

Email marketing is very effective in reaching individuals at a personal level. Research has shown that people are more likely to read emails than read promotional materials. Email is a powerful tool which you can use for marketing artwork but you cannot do it by sending single pieces. Slideshows can work magic especially if you can send them instead of single pieces. As the potential client opens the slideshow, he will have an opportunity to view your full slideshow html photo gallery and you can hardly miss a sale from such a display. Not all slideshow service providers can do this but there are several out there including Cincopa which can do a perfect job.

Scalability to different devices and platforms

People access the internet through a whole range of devices today unlike a few years ago when only the desktop and laptop were used. Mobile and hand held devices have the highest usage in accessing the internet. Your slideshows should be set in a way that they will open no matter what device a customer is using without compromising on the quality. The slideshows should open well in different internet platforms and application like HTML, iOS and Android, as these are most popular.

Attractive presentation

Marketing is a mostly a matter of perceptions and art has a lot to do with perception. How you present your artwork to your customer will play a big part in the buying decision. Your slideshow should come packaged in an attractive skin that enhances the look and appeal to the customer. It should fit, cascade and open well enabling the viewer to have the feel of every piece and enjoy the full slideshow. Slideshow skins are mainly offered with slideshow hosting providers like Cincopa who will give you not only the skin but other important features to improve your presentation.


Analytics for each and every one of your photos, video’s and audio’s

Being able to know the performance of your marketing campaigns is an important part of the marketing process that you should never ignore. As you market, you should keep up with the emails to monitor if they are opened, whether the slideshow was displayed and for how long it was viewed. You should also monitor responses to ensure you don’t lose any potential client who may want a purchase or more information.

If you are an artist and have been selling your art on websites, consider getting your artwork on slideshows for your website and for sending to clients as sales or promotional pieces.

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Originally published on May 9th, 2016, updated on March 17th, 2019
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Display artwork as shared slideshows

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