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Why Cincopa is a Great Alternative to Vzaar

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Among many popular video hosting platforms, Cincopa is the best alternative to Vzaar, and here’s why. It’s designed specifically to satisfy custom business needs and provides much more than just video hosting. Let’s take a closer look at Cincopa’s unique features making it a must-have video solution for business.

Top benefits of Cincopa video hosting

  1. Rich Multimedia Experience

Cincopa doesn’t limit hosting capabilities to video only. You can store and publish videos, audios, photos, podcasts and slideshows, build rich galleries combining various media formats to empower your website or app in order to create an unparalleled user experience.

  1. Powerful Marketing Features

If you want to use your videos’ marketing potential to the full extent, Cincopa is the right solution. Take advantage of Cincopa’s incredible marketing tools: SEO title and description for media galleries and assets, social sharing buttons, email collector, branding with logo and watermarks, custom links on logo/watermark clicks (to learn more about custom links, check out Rebrandly URL Shortener), smart video player modes that allow to autoplay video, display video in ‘Facebook mode’ or always on top of website content, fixed bottom/top/right/left mode, native video player for mobile devices, enable shuffle, video loop and more.

  1. Fully Custom Video Player

Create a personalized video experience with over 100 pre-designed skins. Cincopa offers multimedia solutions to address basically any business need, regardless of the complexity level. All skins can be fully customized both by using Cincopa’s visual editor and by modifying the CSS code. You can change the video player’s background color, show/hide/customize player controls, add a playlist, set custom thumbnails, and so on. Video player by Cincopa is fully HTML5-compatible and it works great on mobile devices.

  1. Perfect for All Kinds of Business

Cincopa is the most beneficial video hosting and marketing solution for all kinds of business: marketing agencies, media publishers, enterprises, organizations, educational institutions. Cincopa helps to achieve custom goals in a handy, practical and time-saving way. It is an all-in-one platform for hosting, managing and publishing multimedia – all of these tasks can be operated from a single easy-to-use dashboard. Embedding video into a web page is just as easy as copying and pasting the automatically generated code. Besides, video and other multimedia content works on Cincopa’s stand-alone platform and can be shared directly via email or social networks.

  1. Client Center & Team Manager

Cincopa can be used to develop your own business and to streamline teamwork. Manage clients using Cincopa Client Center and arrange people working for your projects into teams. You can view accounts list, manage and publish multimedia on their behalf using different levels of access – from viewer to admin.

  1. Multi-level Data Protection

Cincopa provides several powerful options to protect your data from unwanted access and usage. Secure your content using domain lock, password protection, and right-click protection – make sure that your multimedia can be accessed from the specified list of domains, block unauthorized users from viewing your data, prevent your files from downloading. Any level of protection can be activated in just a few clicks!

  1. Reliable CDN

Cincopa uses the most reliable CDN system which guarantees perfect content delivery to end users. This means no breaks or delays and flawless video streaming at the highest speed on both ends!

Summarizing the above, Cincopa is an ideal video hosting and marketing platform for business, and it’s a great alternative to Vzaar. Try Cincopa right now to take advantage of its powerful features –  make video work for your business!

Originally published on May 3rd, 2016, updated on July 29th, 2020
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Why Cincopa is a Great Alternative to Vzaar

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