Enhance Hotel Website Design With A Stunning Photo Gallery

When people want to find a hotel, they usually search the internet for information. Hotel marketers have to make it easy for potential guests to choose a particular destination over the rest. One way in which they are doing this today is by using high-end photo galleries and video marketing on websites. Studies have shown that people trust video almost as much as face-to-face contact.

Many hotel websites will include reservation options, services offered, contact details, and maps. Even the most basic ones will probably have a built-in photo gallery. Unfortunately, these photo galleries are often somewhat clumsy to use, use up server quota and affect the performance of the website.

Hotels are associated with luxury, relaxation, and pleasure. In the opinion of the company Boxmode, a high-quality website design that exudes these qualities is essential to attract potential guests. An excellent photo gallery with enticing photos of the rooms, suites, swimming pools and outdoor areas is more likely to convince them to make that reservation than some text and a few photos.

How to create a free high-end Hotel Photo Gallery and Video Player

Cincopa provides simple software that allows you to create, embed and manage photo galleries on your website. Add a modern and stylish photo slideshow, an image gallery, a video player and even an audio player with an auto play option. You can insert a wide range of rich media gadgets anywhere in an HTML page, on a CMS site or numerous social channels.

Your hotel photo gallery is hosted and distributed, which means that files are adequately protected and no matter where users get located, they enjoy the fast and smooth display. All conversions, photo resizing, special effects and other technical requirements are performed automatically by the software.

You can choose from various responsive gallery skins and customized settings, giving you full control over the display appearance and performance.

Let your Hotel Website Shine

There is a tiny window of opportunity to capture the attention of web viewers. This is why their first impression is so important. Adding a professional photo gallery will transport them to wherever you’d like to take them. You can walk them through a bedroom suite, show them what they will eat in your restaurant, let them see your extensive grounds and how they will be able to entertain themselves. Surprise your potential guests and allow them to experience the true essence of what your hotel can offer them.

People today do not have much patience for reading, but they do like to browse gorgeous photos and videos. Rich media experts at Cincopa, who specialize in creating multimedia widgets, give you the option of creating many different galleries and uploading an unlimited number of files within minutes. All you have to do is come up with the photos and videos, and everything else is done for you. You don’t have to worry about all kinds of technical issues, and your potential guests will be delighted with the results.


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Originally published on June 22nd, 2018, updated on March 4th, 2021
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Enhance Hotel Website Design With A Stunning Photo Gallery

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