5 Upcoming Trends in Video Marketing Of 2018

During an era in which content is abundant, advertisers need to have an enticing tool at their disposal. The text is always good, but only as the basis of every campaign. Images are also beneficial to the overall advertising goal, but they’re just not attractive enough if overdone. Plus, they have one other flaw – they’re merely not interactive. Even though it’s less boring to look at an image than at a text file, both formats lack an enticing pitch to the customer.

The key to establishing a connection with your customer is to provide a stream of information that requires attention. This will prove to be a slight challenge for the person viewing it and, as thus, you will be able to have an attentive viewer that will memorize and understand all the key information. That interactive Holy Grail we’ve been searching for is none other than – video. Its popularity is skyrocketing at the moment, and marketers are capitalizing on it. That’s why video is the biggest marketing trend in 2018, and it’s still growing.


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Video use in marketing has been on a massive rise in recent years. Ever since the dawn of social media, we’ve been bombarded by posts containing walls of text and images, but these two somewhat obsolete means of marketing gave way to video marketing. Why is this the case? For starters, it’s because our brains are designed to memorize visual information much faster – 60.000 times faster. And speed is something marketing is all about.

Video engagement in marketing is much more than simple product ads. Customer support is also done in the form of videos nowadays, as well as tutorials. Each new customer finds it more comfortable to learn through voice-guided, interactive animation than through imagery and text. However, mastering the use of video in your marketing campaigns is much more than “reeling someone in” to open the video player.

The content that you provide not only has to be of quality, but it has to have a reinvigorating effect. The reinvigoration process, in this case, depends on the novelty of the content. That’s right – as technology is advancing at an ever-fast pace, it’s all about trends. What was hot in 2017 isn’t in 2018. Thus, let’s take a look at the five important trends that will be the driving force behind every successful marketing campaign this year.

  1. Short video ads

In the ever elusive-world of video marketing automation, there is a significant emphasis on video length. The logic behind this is pure – more companies and brands are advertising nowadays, which means that we have become less patient than ever. One minute ads have become a big no-no due to the sheer amount of different content that surrounds us.

When Snapchat introduced its self-serve advertising plan last year, they limited their ad length to 10 seconds. Other social media outlets have found that this form of advertising is indeed the future due to its effectiveness. Customers don’t want fancy stories and fluff nowadays. They experience ad bombardments every day, so they’re sensitive to fluffed-up content.

This is why your video ads should be down to the point and clear. 10 seconds is more than enough to get your point across, regardless of the subject itself. A five-second, slightly-unclear ad might be an even better idea.

  1. Deeper personalization

Running campaigns has always been about gathering data. Before, especially during the television-oriented era, the emphasis was on finding the average customer. Taking all the data resulted in an imaginary drawing of what your ideal customer looks like. When this image was completed, all you had to do was run a single ad and hope for the best, just because it has the highest chance of hitting the proverbial bulls eye.

Things have changed. Targeting your video ads requires a significant amount of research. Propelling your ads in several different directions is a road to success due to video personalization. Having a separate ad in every language, for every smartphone OS, for every type of the year sends a message to your customer.

“Oh wow, how did this 10-second video get to be so spot on?” Letting people know that you’re investing effort is the best possible way of enticing fans and customer. However, one other trend is adjacent to this one.

  1. User-made content

Philip Kotler said that satisfied customers are our best form of marketing. After all these years, he’s more right with each day. This is why user-generated content is the real deal in 2018. How do you find out about all those hot new video games? You watch a how to play video on YouTube or catch a streamer playing the beta version of the game on Twitch. How much effort did the company invest in this form of advertising? None. How many fans did they amass with this? A lot.

Content forged by the community itself is always more authentic than regular marketing and videos play a significant role in this. Fanta, for example, made a great stride in video engagement last year. In several South European countries, they launched weekly content that urged people to record funny Fanta-related videos. The result? Their new flavors were a significant success, and people were having fun. All with the clever use of community-generated content.

  1. VR is the future

What many called a failed attempt at the futurization of the world is now a smash hit with everyone. VR headsets are the future, which evident by the steep rise in sales in Q3 of 2017. This particular trend gives way to a new form of video marketing. Immersive videos will become more of an everyday thing with each passing day. Being able to blend reality and virtual reality is a heaven-sent tool for advertisers all around the world.

We know we’ve mentioned the notion of futurization in an over-ambitious context, but there might be some substance to this urge of ours. Having a chance to thoroughly change reality might allow advertisers to find new and exciting alleyways and shortcuts to the human mind. We are yet to see the full power of VR modules.

  1. 360º Video

This new trend still hasn’t settled down, and he has yet to see any signs of it slowing down or being deemed obsolete by people. Content means a lot to people. They don’t want to “smash the like button” or comment or share something just because you made a smart slogan. They want something different and being different from your competitors is one of the core principles of video engagement.

Let’s say you have a restaurant. Having a unique, 360-degree panorama of your entire facility will be much more interesting than your average slideshow of discount pizzas or new dishes. The user becomes a part of your restaurant, and he has the autonomy and the ability to explore. User engagement is the future.


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Originally published on June 18th, 2018, updated on April 24th, 2019
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5 Upcoming Trends in Video Marketing Of 2018

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